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{{dressed up on a friday}}

So it’s a freezing Friday in Massachusetts, I heard on the radio coldest of the year, and of course, the heat is broken in our office. To be more specific in my department’s area only. Awesome. In addition to the freeze (literally just ran my hands under warm water to bring back the circulation) I am wearing a dress and therefore tights. Why? Why  you might ask am I wearing a dress on a Friday?  Casual day?!  Because tonight we are going out to a fancy dinner for my husband’s (hehe) holiday party. He works for a very small consulting company – 8 total employees – so we’re going out for a nice dinner, should be a good time. But let’s refocus, on me, I’m dressed up on a Friday. I so badly wish I were in my uggs and my comfy jeans and a hoodie … oh hell … I wish I was at home in bed wrapped up in my blanket … wait, New Attitude Colleen, FOCUS.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on the dress/sweater combo I pulled off today. I guess I need to dress up more often huh? So that, in the end, is the point here, that I’ve got to get back to the whole NAC (New Attitude Colleen, come on people get with it) and start laying out my outfits the night before, ironing them, planning in advance so I don’t wear the same sweater twice in one week (it hasn’t happened yet but that is not to say it isn’t possible) … it feels good to take care of yourself, prioritize … now if only the heating company would get here and fix the heat!!


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{{in the next year}}

A friend of mine is having a birthday party for her husband’s 30th birthday this weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it, but fortunately an idea of mine will!  She was thinking of doing one of those wedding-like picture frames with a matt around it for everyone to sign, then I said to her, where in the world would you put that in your house?  She said – you’re right!  I suggested she get a little index card box and a bunch of index cards and have all the guests at the party write “What will Frank* do in the next year?” … We both decided these would get funnier as the night went on and the drinks were flowing … but it made me think – what will I do in the next year?

I will move into my first house.

I will celebrate my 5th year reunion from college.

I will attend the weddings of a few very close friends.

I will welcome home my brother and his newly expanded family.

I will run a 10K. (5Ks are so 2009)

I will cook more.

I will stay organized.

I will cut my hair.

I will …

Who knows? But it’s going to be a great year. I’ve been waiting for this year, 2010, for a while now, approximately since May 10, 2008 … so it’s here, what am I gonna do with it?!

*name changed to protect the first friend of ours to turn 30!

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{{product of your environment}}

I’ve been at a new job for just about two months now (minus 3 weeks for the wedding and honeymoon) but just about every day someone comes into our office area and says something along the lines of, “Can we go home now?” or “I’m not feeling it today.” Typically this happens first thing in the morning, before anything has even really happened … before they’ve even opened their email!

My father has been working at his company for 30 years!  My mother when she was working lasted over 20 years in one job. Their jobs are just that, jobs. They go about their daily lives – raising three beautiful (if I do say so myself) children who are totally well adjusted and always had their parents involved. They were paid accordingly for what they did and I rarely heard them talk about their jobs negatively — usually it was fun and interesting stories. But what it always was – was a job.

Greg and I had a conversation this morning, as we struggled to wake up, about jobs and working and waking up and finding a wealthy benefactor (still taking applications despite what the rest of this post says) … but it all was just one of those conversations that we could have over and over again … and I am done with it.

I’m trying something new, it’s something that I have tried a few times before, but it’s New Attitude Colleen day – keeping a smile on my face, not letting others bother me by their actions, focusing on me and the people who care about me, and most importantly trying not to become a product of my environment.

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{{back at it}}

So I’m working with my two favorite designers — my sissy the writer and my bff pammy the designers– to draft up some ‘business cards’ to put in our thank you cards. We plan to use these cards to announce our new address!!  For our new house!!  That we sign the purchase and sale on one month from today!! (A few !! in there huh?)

With the thought of continuing our ‘high-five’ theme from the wedding into our new home. Pammy is going to draft up an image with Greg and I as stick figures high-fiving in front of our new house.   Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Yay for good people and new houses.

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{{moments pass slow}}

just a place where I plan to keep up with all of the moments in our lives

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