{{dressed up on a friday}}

So it’s a freezing Friday in Massachusetts, I heard on the radio coldest of the year, and of course, the heat is broken in our office. To be more specific in my department’s area only. Awesome. In addition to the freeze (literally just ran my hands under warm water to bring back the circulation) I am wearing a dress and therefore tights. Why? Why  you might ask am I wearing a dress on a Friday?  Casual day?!  Because tonight we are going out to a fancy dinner for my husband’s (hehe) holiday party. He works for a very small consulting company – 8 total employees – so we’re going out for a nice dinner, should be a good time. But let’s refocus, on me, I’m dressed up on a Friday. I so badly wish I were in my uggs and my comfy jeans and a hoodie … oh hell … I wish I was at home in bed wrapped up in my blanket … wait, New Attitude Colleen, FOCUS.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on the dress/sweater combo I pulled off today. I guess I need to dress up more often huh? So that, in the end, is the point here, that I’ve got to get back to the whole NAC (New Attitude Colleen, come on people get with it) and start laying out my outfits the night before, ironing them, planning in advance so I don’t wear the same sweater twice in one week (it hasn’t happened yet but that is not to say it isn’t possible) … it feels good to take care of yourself, prioritize … now if only the heating company would get here and fix the heat!!

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