{{woohoo – NOLA!}}

What a fabulous weekend we have ahead of us. We are heading to New Orleans this weekend for the wedding of a fabulous friend and college roommate. It’s going to be quite the southern affair. This friend was a late-ish addition to our group but never-the-less she made it better, mostly because of her southern accent (okay that isn’t true she is quite fabulous besides that but I can’t wait to get down there to hear all the amazing accents.)

As always when there is a wedding involved all the stops come out. Most of the girls arrive Thursday afternoon, Greg and I don’t arrive til midnight since we’re both in fairly new jobs with limited vacation time, so we have all day Friday to explore the city and enjoy the bayou. We plan to do some tours and go to a big fancy dinner with the whole group of us on Friday – it’s going to be so wonderful!

The last time I was in New Orleans was, well, a shit-show. It was sophomore year of college spring break just happened to fall on Mardi Gras – and we were welcomed into the home of this friend and caused quite the ruckus. The fond memories of 2003 (omg I am old) only make me more excited for the weekend to come.


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