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{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy:

1) An all male a capella group singing Lady Gaga. I love a capella. It reminds me of college and my obsession with a capella groups. Specifically two – the Bostonians, which my beautiful cousin sang in and the Heightsmen – who sang to me on Valentine’s day freshman year (I was friends with one of the guys in the group) in my hallway while 30 other girls watched – it was heavenly for my ego.

2) Summer  Hours – we officially have been given the green light on summer hours – which basically means that we have to work longer days Monday through Thursday and then we can “maybe” leave at noon on Fridays … hmm … not as glorious as it sounds, but hey, the opportunity of leaving at noon is there and I am psyched about it.

3) Going to Jocelyn’s baby shower! And buying baby gifts for her and her baby boy! And cooking her and Ed dinner next week! And making plans for cooking when the baby arrives! Just a few more weeks!

Three things to think about:

1) Who the heck is reading my blog?! I never thought I would say this after just a few weeks of blogging – but there are a bunch of you out there reading! I can see you on my stat tracker thingy. How the heck are ya!? Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment. I love comments. And I write back to them, I promise. Also, let me know what you want me to write about. I still haven’t figured out what I’m doing here – so I’m open to suggestions.

2) Why is my gym getting away with charging current members ridiculous fees and rates, while at the same time welcoming *new* members for $1 sign up fee and $19.99 a month!? WTF gym! I like you, but that is not cool! (PS – yes, I finally went back to the gym for the 3rd time since the wedding. Solid.)

3) I’m trying to figure out a hobby for myself. I was thinking sewing but my mom and SIL totally told me that was a bad idea. Now I’m thinking of woodworking. Greg’s dad is trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff in their garage and I bet he has some tools. I want to build things. I think it would be fun to have things in my house that I actually built … I am reading more – that could also be my hobby and it would be a lot easier and less dirty.

I’m happy & thinking …



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So I don’t plan to talk about work here too much (because no one wants to be dooced) but I do think I am going to have to talk about balance – and a lot of that balance, for now at least, has to do with work.

I have had a couple of previous work experiences where work-life balance was a complete non-issue. I had plenty of time to get all my work done during the typical work hours and I rarely thought about work past 5pm. Though I’m sure it sounds like heaven – it really wasn’t the best situation. I was terribly bored and my talent was not being used – at all. I had a degree and I was ready and willing to use it, but just couldn’t find the right fit.

After a brief stint of unemployment (which is the complete other extreme of balance!) I have settled into a new job that I am really enjoying … save for the idea of balance. I am working longer hours then I’d like (nothing extreme, I don’t mean to complain, I definitely know plenty of people who work crazy hours!) but mostly I am thinking about work all the time. Over the weekends and at night I am checking my blackberry and thinking about all that waits for me when I return to the office the next day/Monday. This is totally not okay with me. I know it’s all about me realizing that it can wait until the next day, and it’s not worth me worrying about it at that moment, but for some reason I can’t seem to let it go. If it was a every-once-in-a-while things then I’d be totally okay with it – a big deadline or a meeting that ran late – understandable. But I’ve got to learn how to balance things.

I’m going to start working on it – stopping the constant checking of the blackberry (I mean one smart phone obsession is enough!) and taking a deep breath and jamming out to some music on my commute home so that I fully transition from work to home.  Also, Greg and I talk a lot about “our day” at night – which is great that we are both interested in each others work – but I also think we need to do a quick summary and move on, because if we keep talking about it, it will only stress us out more.

Hopefully writing it out will help get me started … updates to follow!

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{{three things thursday}}

We’ll see if this sticks …

Three things I’m happy about:

1) Greg is home. No more annoying attempts at video chatting or 3 minute @ .99/minute phone calls.

2) We have no travel plans for an entire month – that is unheard of for us.

3) I have werther’s on my desk … dangerous.

Three things I’m thinking about:

1) It’s Earth Day – what am I going to do that is earth friendly today?  I put out our recycling – does that count?

2) Will I ever enjoy running?

3) Should I be looking into botox for the big crinkle in my forehead due to the excessive furrowing of my brow?

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{{a volcano}}

Really it was something from the movies. More specifically the type of movie I live for. Armaggedon, Independance Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and most recently 2012 – for some reason I really enjoy these end-of-the-world type movies. That is until it practically came to life. Okay I guess that is an exhaggeration but seriously, a volcano?!?

The volcano that erupted under an iceburg in Iceland has really screwed with Greg and I am about ready to fight it. I know it would win, seeing as how it totally kicked Europe’s ass single-handedly but I feel like I could have had a fighting chance.

So after 5 extra days in Europe here I am at international arrivals at Logan … waiting … along with at least 100 other family and friends whose loved onces were delayed due to a volcano … Seriously?!?

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{{experienced traveler}}

Are you an experienced traveler? I definitely am. (if I do say so myself) My weekend in Chicago was fabulous … (sorry – what happens at bacheloette parties stays at bachelorette parties) … But one of the most interesting parts for me was the traveling situation. Mostly at security. Are people really that behind the times to not know the 3-1-1 rule?! I don’t get it. Also the people who don’t empty their pockets – are you kidding? Or wear lace up boots?!? I mean you HAVE to know that you have to take those things off! And then put them back ON!! Slides, flip flops, uggs, and maybe sneakers are allowed. Jackets off. Laptops out of cases. It’s not that hard. And maybe, just maybe, you could attempt to be partially ready when you get to the front of the line. Rather then waiting til there are ten people behind you. Get it together people. With all that said if they really go forward with the whole green/blue/black (similar to ski mountains) system – I am a black diamond girl!


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Can’t wait to get to Chicago and see some of my favorite ladies. I have only been once before and I loved the city. There’s something about a city on the water that holds my heart.  My favorite Chicago story is that of the summer before my freshman year of college. We received our random roommates letter in the mail and I decided to give her a call to get to know her.  We talked about what we would be bringing to the room (HA she wanted to bring a couch, HA, I’ll have to dig up a photo of our stairwell converted into a double bed dormroom, makes me laugh just thinking about it) and about our summer jobs. She told me she was a lifeguard, at the beach, and in my head that made no sense so I figured she must be crazy. I hung up and told my mom about my crazy new roommate and her job on the “beach” Mum said, well Colleen they do have the Lake – and I said, yeah, a lake – it’s not a beach … my mom just rolled her eyes and told me to look up the Great Lakes in the encyclopedia (no wikipedia at that point, how strange).  So I learned a lesson that day – lakes can definitely have beaches, especially the Great ones.

I can’t tell you too much of my plans for the weekend cause there is a certain bride-to-be who reads this blog and there may or may not be some surprises headed her way …. Chicago here I come!!

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{{ipad engagement}}


So who would have thunk it – an apple iPad helping someone propose?  Love the story … iPad engagement.

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