I’m not sure how I feel about spring today.  Although it’s a gorgeous day outside – and actually a real spring day with temps in the mid to upper 50s – I had some unexpected house guests this morning and I’m pretty sure I didn’t invite them over. That’s right – there were some bugs! In the shower I was greeted by an ant walking along the shower curtain – now one ant, you say, no big deal – agreed. I simply splashed him down the drain – yes I’m an ant killer, sorry PETA. No big deal, moving right along … nope. As I was drying my hair I was looking up at the ceiling (yes I look at the ceiling for part of my blow drying routine) and I spotted another friend, but this time instead of 6 legs, it had 8! Yes EIGHT as in a spider!  It was a teeny tiny little thing, and I actually let him live (mostly because I couldn’t reach him) but it got me thinking.  Thinking about bugs and how much I don’t like them and how much I’d rather not have to deal with them. And how much I wish Greg weren’t in Germany so that he can deal with them. But alas I’m a big girl, and tonight I’ll make sure all the windows are shut tight and start to be on bug patrol to make sure things don’t get out of hand!

I think that we are going to be hit with a lot of bugs this spring because of all the rain – I’m not so much looking forward to it. What about you? Any bugs inviting themselves over? Are you throwing them a party or wishing they didn’t know your address?

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  1. Sara

    I actually just ignore the bugs when they come for a visit. The poor things should avoid our house if they can though because the cats love to play with them. Sam had a pet ant that he played with for almost an hour the other week…not sure if the ant knew they were playing

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