Can’t wait to get to Chicago and see some of my favorite ladies. I have only been once before and I loved the city. There’s something about a city on the water that holds my heart.  My favorite Chicago story is that of the summer before my freshman year of college. We received our random roommates letter in the mail and I decided to give her a call to get to know her.  We talked about what we would be bringing to the room (HA she wanted to bring a couch, HA, I’ll have to dig up a photo of our stairwell converted into a double bed dormroom, makes me laugh just thinking about it) and about our summer jobs. She told me she was a lifeguard, at the beach, and in my head that made no sense so I figured she must be crazy. I hung up and told my mom about my crazy new roommate and her job on the “beach” Mum said, well Colleen they do have the Lake – and I said, yeah, a lake – it’s not a beach … my mom just rolled her eyes and told me to look up the Great Lakes in the encyclopedia (no wikipedia at that point, how strange).  So I learned a lesson that day – lakes can definitely have beaches, especially the Great ones.

I can’t tell you too much of my plans for the weekend cause there is a certain bride-to-be who reads this blog and there may or may not be some surprises headed her way …. Chicago here I come!!

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  1. Sara

    1. Our lake is awesome.
    2. I would have loved to see a couch in your freshman year dorm – perhaps you could have put it on top of the bunk beds?
    3. 15 A is a great seat – I hear it’s the best seat on the plane.
    4. I’m going to see you in a few hours!!!!!!!!

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