{{experienced traveler}}

Are you an experienced traveler? I definitely am. (if I do say so myself) My weekend in Chicago was fabulous … (sorry – what happens at bacheloette parties stays at bachelorette parties) … But one of the most interesting parts for me was the traveling situation. Mostly at security. Are people really that behind the times to not know the 3-1-1 rule?! I don’t get it. Also the people who don’t empty their pockets – are you kidding? Or wear lace up boots?!? I mean you HAVE to know that you have to take those things off! And then put them back ON!! Slides, flip flops, uggs, and maybe sneakers are allowed. Jackets off. Laptops out of cases. It’s not that hard. And maybe, just maybe, you could attempt to be partially ready when you get to the front of the line. Rather then waiting til there are ten people behind you. Get it together people. With all that said if they really go forward with the whole green/blue/black (similar to ski mountains) system – I am a black diamond girl!


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3 responses to “{{experienced traveler}}

  1. How about the people that pack their whole shower and then say ohhhh I didn’t know I couldn’t bring my shampoo!!!! So annoying! 🙂

    • Seriously! “You mean I can’t take a water bottle through?? But it’s not liquid, it’s just water!”

      I actually thought of you when I wrote this post cause I know you went between Philly and Providence so many times, I figured you were a pro too!

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