{{a volcano}}

Really it was something from the movies. More specifically the type of movie I live for. Armaggedon, Independance Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and most recently 2012 – for some reason I really enjoy these end-of-the-world type movies. That is until it practically came to life. Okay I guess that is an exhaggeration but seriously, a volcano?!?

The volcano that erupted under an iceburg in Iceland has really screwed with Greg and I am about ready to fight it. I know it would win, seeing as how it totally kicked Europe’s ass single-handedly but I feel like I could have had a fighting chance.

So after 5 extra days in Europe here I am at international arrivals at Logan … waiting … along with at least 100 other family and friends whose loved onces were delayed due to a volcano … Seriously?!?

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