{{three things thursday}}

We’ll see if this sticks …

Three things I’m happy about:

1) Greg is home. No more annoying attempts at video chatting or 3 minute @ .99/minute phone calls.

2) We have no travel plans for an entire month – that is unheard of for us.

3) I have werther’s on my desk … dangerous.

Three things I’m thinking about:

1) It’s Earth Day – what am I going to do that is earth friendly today?  I put out our recycling – does that count?

2) Will I ever enjoy running?

3) Should I be looking into botox for the big crinkle in my forehead due to the excessive furrowing of my brow?

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One response to “{{three things thursday}}

  1. 1. Yes — recycling counts! SO MANY PPL don’t even do that! (Now try skipping Post-Its for a week … can you handle it?)

    2. Yep. I think it’s such a mental thing. Does running hurt? Then run slower, or in shorter distances, until it feels okay — then push yourself a little further. You certainly like the idea of running, in that you’re always trying, so just be kind to your bod and take it one step at a time. If you let yourself like it, you can. If not, don’t kill yourself — and try something else.

    3. YES! And let me know what you find! I wonder if they’d give us a 2-for-1 Sissy Deal, b/c OBV, it’s in the genes.

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