So I don’t plan to talk about work here too much (because no one wants to be dooced) but I do think I am going to have to talk about balance – and a lot of that balance, for now at least, has to do with work.

I have had a couple of previous work experiences where work-life balance was a complete non-issue. I had plenty of time to get all my work done during the typical work hours and I rarely thought about work past 5pm. Though I’m sure it sounds like heaven – it really wasn’t the best situation. I was terribly bored and my talent was not being used – at all. I had a degree and I was ready and willing to use it, but just couldn’t find the right fit.

After a brief stint of unemployment (which is the complete other extreme of balance!) I have settled into a new job that I am really enjoying … save for the idea of balance. I am working longer hours then I’d like (nothing extreme, I don’t mean to complain, I definitely know plenty of people who work crazy hours!) but mostly I am thinking about work all the time. Over the weekends and at night I am checking my blackberry and thinking about all that waits for me when I return to the office the next day/Monday. This is totally not okay with me. I know it’s all about me realizing that it can wait until the next day, and it’s not worth me worrying about it at that moment, but for some reason I can’t seem to let it go. If it was a every-once-in-a-while things then I’d be totally okay with it – a big deadline or a meeting that ran late – understandable. But I’ve got to learn how to balance things.

I’m going to start working on it – stopping the constant checking of the blackberry (I mean one smart phone obsession is enough!) and taking a deep breath and jamming out to some music on my commute home so that I fully transition from work to home.  Also, Greg and I talk a lot about “our day” at night – which is great that we are both interested in each others work – but I also think we need to do a quick summary and move on, because if we keep talking about it, it will only stress us out more.

Hopefully writing it out will help get me started … updates to follow!

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  1. I think people will respect the boundaries you create.

    If you are at work and “on” from a certain start time to a certain end time, people will get to know your habits and not schedule meetings before or after those times, so long as you’re providing value during your set hours — which I’m sure you are.

    If you say to yourself, I’m going to check my Blackberry once after dinner and that’s it, people will get to know that they may get a response from you around the 7pm hour, but if it’s any later, they’re going to have to wait until the next morning. But, if you check your email every 10 minutes and respond at 11:45pm, then one day you’ll get an email at midnight and hear, “You never responded!” the next day. How dare you sleep!

    I’m currently dealing with international business partners … so, essentially, I could never sleep, but people are very respectful of time zones and a late-night meeting is very rare. On those days, I do not feel bad AT ALL about skipping out at 4pm.

    Good conversation starter!

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