{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy:

1) An all male a capella group singing Lady Gaga. I love a capella. It reminds me of college and my obsession with a capella groups. Specifically two – the Bostonians, which my beautiful cousin sang in and the Heightsmen – who sang to me on Valentine’s day freshman year (I was friends with one of the guys in the group) in my hallway while 30 other girls watched – it was heavenly for my ego.

2) Summer  Hours – we officially have been given the green light on summer hours – which basically means that we have to work longer days Monday through Thursday and then we can “maybe” leave at noon on Fridays … hmm … not as glorious as it sounds, but hey, the opportunity of leaving at noon is there and I am psyched about it.

3) Going to Jocelyn’s baby shower! And buying baby gifts for her and her baby boy! And cooking her and Ed dinner next week! And making plans for cooking when the baby arrives! Just a few more weeks!

Three things to think about:

1) Who the heck is reading my blog?! I never thought I would say this after just a few weeks of blogging – but there are a bunch of you out there reading! I can see you on my stat tracker thingy. How the heck are ya!? Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment. I love comments. And I write back to them, I promise. Also, let me know what you want me to write about. I still haven’t figured out what I’m doing here – so I’m open to suggestions.

2) Why is my gym getting away with charging current members ridiculous fees and rates, while at the same time welcoming *new* members for $1 sign up fee and $19.99 a month!? WTF gym! I like you, but that is not cool! (PS – yes, I finally went back to the gym for the 3rd time since the wedding. Solid.)

3) I’m trying to figure out a hobby for myself. I was thinking sewing but my mom and SIL totally told me that was a bad idea. Now I’m thinking of woodworking. Greg’s dad is trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff in their garage and I bet he has some tools. I want to build things. I think it would be fun to have things in my house that I actually built … I am reading more – that could also be my hobby and it would be a lot easier and less dirty.

I’m happy & thinking …



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3 responses to “{{three things thursday}}

  1. Um, hi, it’s your sister — I check 40 times a day to see if you’ve posted. Hi.

    Re: the gym — the same thing happened to me with my cable company — I had been a 3-year customer, paying $130/month and would receive promo postcards all the time saying, “Get it all for $99/month!” So, I called them and said, “I want that,” and they said, “Oh, sorry — it’s only for new customers,” and I said, “So, wait, you’re telling me you treat new customers better than loyal customers you’ve had for 3 years who have never been late on a payment?” They said, “Hold please” … two minutes later, they said, “How does $89/month sound?”

    Give that a try at the gym. Did you get a postcard in the mail or see an ad online or in the paper? Bring that in … See what happens.

    Re: hobby — what about scrapbooking? I know you’ve always been interested. Also, re: woodworking — you have a great space in the basement for it. Blogging is also a hobby. Thinking of ways to make your sister laugh could become a part-time job, if you let it! Imagine the benefits …

  2. FitBritt

    1.) Question-does the all male a capella group also do a rendition of the Gaga/Beyonce video for Telephone? Now that would be cool.

    2.) I agree with Sissy in regards to the gym thing. They should totally offer you a better deal. Threaten to cancel if they don’t give you some type of discount. Even find a promo for another gym and show it to them and say you are going to sign up at the other gym. I feel like with the economy doing so poorly that places like gyms, which can be considered “extra expenditures” for most people, are probably really hurting and don’t want to lose business.

    3.) As for a hobby, I actually used to make scrapbooks and it was a ton of fun! You can find all these cool stickers (grown up ones,not kiddie ones) and paper and scissors to make cool borders. And given that you just got married, I would say you have a good place to start in terms of scrapbook…

    Also, I am subscribing to your blog. I like it!

  3. So the gym update – they will let me change my rate – with a rate change FEE. So annoying. I still have to go back and figure that out.

    For the hobby, I really want to find something that gets me off my butt and moving/doing something.

    Yay for commenters – thanks ladies, keep them coming!

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