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{{memorial day in maine}}

What I think about when I think about Memorial Day Weekend in Maine …

long car rides, excited arrivals, dock fishing, bon fire, late arrivals, smores, climbing the ladder, pontoon boat, twisted tea, bud light, sunbathing, late nights, late mornings, trivial pursuit, FSCF challenge, bar-b-que, hot days, chilly nights, the “i’m thinking of a baseball player” game, one bathroom – 10 people, no showers, finding the sun spots on the other side of the lake with jamie, brad’s breakfasts, paddling a pontoon boat across the lake, attempting to get tv service for red sox games, hoodies, flip flops & relaxation.

I can’t wait!

Hope we don’t hit much traffic!


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{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy …

1) I get to eat pulled pork today at our company BBQ. Yum.

2) I’m wearing the necklace I got on our honeymoon today.

3)  Long weekend in Maine ahead of us.

Three things to think about …

1)  Would I be successful working from home – I wonder if I would get everything accomplished that I do while physically at work. I don’t know if I have the self-discipline.

2) Will I ever finish changing my name?  AKA Will I ever go to the DMV to get the last piece done?!  I do love my new name and I love when people call me by it, but dude the DMV is an awful, awful place.

3) How much time do I really waste watchign TV? I already know it’s a lot, but I wonder if I just stopped, or really really cut back (cause let’s be honest, missing Friday Night Lights is not an option) … I know my cousin did it and she is quite happy with the decision. Hmmm …

Special just for this week:

Three things that make my husband really happy I think he’s cute cause I might have killed him:

1) I had a flat tire, remember how wonderful he was when he fixed it for me last week?, well yeah, so Greg (and my brother) suggested that I go to Town Fair Tire to have them take out the nail and re-seal it — so I went … and welllllllll the tire was NOT in the car!! It was in our garage. I made the service guy come all the way out to the car to take a look in the trunk only to find out that it was. not. there. Embarrassed much?

2) 6:37 am Wednesday – no. toilet. paper.

3) This one isn’t so bad since it is my house too, but I definitely took one for the team when I mowed the lawn. Yup, you heard me, I mowed the lawn. (Greg’s been super busy this week and had dinners every night, and well, we would totally have been “those neighbors” if we waited any longer to do it.) I only needed our sweet little neighbor to come over and help me start the thing. Embarrassed much?

Good thing I love him huh? 🙂


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{{simple words}}

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”” – Pooh

I like this sentiment. Makes me remember that every time my head feels like it is going to spin off … It’s ok to take a step back and make life a little more simple. Anyone want to get lunch?

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{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy …

1) Greg fixed my flat tire for me today — I went outside, discovered it and basically got him out of bed to come down and see that yes, in fact, it is flat, and no, I could not drive it to work and would you pleeeease do something about it?!?!  And he did. He’s the best.

2) Today is my Friday cause we head to DC tonight at 8pm – to see all the Hokies, celebrate Ron & Heidi, and meet THREE babies – Addison, Melina and Luca – yaaay!

3) I discovered the Pomodoro Technique and had a little success in it yesterday, and I’m going to try it again this afternoon at work. Check it out, it’s basically a way to organize your time better, it’s fun!

Three things to think about …

1) There have been a few recent blog posts about staying at home when you  have kids / gender roles … I find it very interesting to read others thoughts on it … both of these posts — That Wife & These Little Moments —  are really well written and well explained … not sure if it’s for me(us) or not but their points are totally valid.

2) Greg and I have been together for just over 4 years and in that time we have been invited to 31 weddings and attended 26 of them. (This includes the remainder of 2010 too.) We only went to 3 alone. Isn’t that ridiculous?!? And you’d think we were almost done – that all our friends had to be married, but in reality we are no where near done. And as much as we probably complain a little bit about it — I love weddings!!

3) I feel a little weird making blogging friends but I also think it’s awesome.  I still find it a little strange to say, “oh yeah! she writes a blog, and I read it, and she is so funny”, I think I’ve got to get used to it since I’m really liking this blogging thing.

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{{ron & heidi}}

YAY!  Ron & Heidi get married today. They are the funniest couple and I love seeing how happy they make each other – no joke Ron can make Heidi laugh like no other.

Enjoy they honeymoon!

PS – I finally figured out how to “schedule” posts – watch out now.

Edited to add: Apparently I don’t know how to “schedule” posts since this wasn’t supposed to go up until tomorrow. I suck.

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{{ch-ch-chaaanges}}{part 1}

We have been married for four and a half months! That’s not a very long time in the grand scheme of things – seeing as how we did say this thing was forever, and looks like that isn’t changing anytime soon … but what is changing … is everything else. Here’s a little run-down of the things that have happened to us since we’ve been married. (Okay I am actually starting a few months before just to really give you the whole picture.)

Sept – Moved into Greg’s parents in-law suite so we could rent our Condo so we could buy a house as soon as I found a job (oh the wonderful world of unemployment, don’t miss that)

bye bye beautiful views of the city from the condo!

Sept – Labor Day – Erin & Jeff got married in Seattle while Greg bachelor partied in Hot-Lanta

mr. and dr. lane!!!

lovely ladies & a beautiful view in seattle

Sept – Greg changed jobs – super happy with the change, 5 minute commute doesn’t hurt either.

Oct & Nov – Job search,wedding planning, job search, wedding planning, wedding attending in Virginia, gym going (I lost about 15 pounds and Greg lost almost 30 in the year before the wedding!), bachelorette and wedding showers times TWO (see Dec 5th) modified house hunting until I could get a job – Oh wait, the Friday before Thanksgiving I got a job!!

meg & her sissies

the shower

best sissy ever


oldest besties

December 1 – New job starts for me after 4 months of unemployment – woohoo!!! – 35 minute commute is not too shabby either.

December 5 – My cousin Meg gets married – I’m a bridesmaid! Such a beautiful winter wedding – I love that we got married so close to each other. We’ve always been close, BC brought us closer, wedding planning brought us even closer. I love her!

beautiful bride

December 12 – Emilia’s Bachelorette in NYC- my college roommies are crazy. I seriously almost missed the train down there, like I made it by a minute, then I cried for the first 5 minutes of the ride, I was so tired and stressed, but my girls really made the whole thing worth it.

everyone but emilia, bummer!

what is going on in this photo

December 14 – OFFER ON A HOUSE that Greg saw when I was in NYC, and said that I had to see it ASAP – he was right – it is awesome, I love him & our home. We literally put in an offer at 9pm while we were standing in the house – me for the first time, Greg for the second. Talk about intense.

December 16 – After a little negotiating – offer accepted!!!!! Yes, I am well aware of the insanity. It was insane. We had between this date and basically December 30 to get everything in order and if you’ve ever bought a house you know how much research / paperwork / insanely random things you need to gather – imagine doing it while finishing up wedding planning.

super duper cute house!! oh wait it's ours!

view from the kitchen island that sold me

December 25 – this silly holiday known as Christmas came a week before the wedding (along with multiple family parties in the mean time) Umm. I don’t have any photos of Christmas. It was a nice day. I think. I don’t really remember it. Thanks for those gifts everyone. And for dealing with us having a wedding a week after Christmas. Seriously, thanks!

December 28 – Purchase and sale signed on the house. See December 16th. Crazy, we know. Chaaanges.

Oh would you like to see more of the house? Sorry – that’s another post for another day.

As is the rest of this story … holy crapola that took a lot out of me.

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{{honeymoon preview}}

January 2010 – The Beach House, Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii

PS – I love this photo but I wish I didn’t have a halo around my head. Can anyone work some photoshop magic for me?!

PPS – I’m thinking of doing a review of Kauai – are you all interested?

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