{{my leigh-leigh}}

September 2001 was when we met. How is that even possible? Coming up on nine years of knowing someone I met as a freshman in college. We, along with everyone else in the world, had a rough first week of knowing each other – with 9/11 happening and all – but a bond was quickly formed.

A part of that bond clearly was due to that monumental event – but in reality the bond was formed over hundreds of conversations while devouring some salsa con queso.  We practically lived together freshman year – Leigh actually lived in a forced triple with two of the most bizarre creatures in the world and my stairwell-turned-dormroom situation was unbearable – so we were often in ‘the boys’ room or even sitting in the hallways  – but we were always together. The two of us could not look or act more different if we tried, but many people only knew us as Leigh&Colleen – they rarely knew which was which because we were always at each others hips.

After freshman year we lived together for the next three years (save for the worst semester ever when Leigh studied abroad) and though we did spend a little more time apart, as well as developed our own personalities – it was always the best feeling to know that I could come home and she would be there waiting to recap what was sure to have been a crazy night.  I sometimes wonder how and why we bonded so quickly with all of our differences. But it was just so easy, always. Did we fight? For sure – like sisters. Leigh threw a glass of water at me once, still not sure why. But the next day she came crawling to my room to apologize – and heck, if you can’t throw a glass of water at your best friend then who can you?

School tragically came to an end and real life as well as the big bad city took away my leigh-leigh. We’ve managed to stay in touch – thank god for gchat – but the culmination of our friendship was when she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. She looked so beautiful that day and she just simply shined. The point of all this, to me at least, is that I just wanted to write down how I felt about her and our friendship so I can show it to my future girls – to prove to them that friends are worth more then gold.



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5 responses to “{{my leigh-leigh}}

  1. tinxycat

    awww. i love you! thanks you:)

  2. COLLEGE, how I miss you! This post made me think about my college girlfriends and how much I love them too.

    Leigh-Leigh, you DID shine on 01/02/2010!

    ColCamp, now where is the I-Love-My-Sissy-THIS-Much post? :o)

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