So we decided to bring in breakfast this morning for the HR team … which consists of four people … the food that was brought in was at least a dozen bagels, a box of joe,  10 muffins and a big bowl of fruit (that would be courtesy of me – yay for attempting to be healthy*). Word spread like wildfire through the office and within 15 minutes the food was gone, finance, IT, the admins, the executives – everyone wanted food. They were so excited and so appreciative and it really just made me think – what is it about food that helps people come together? The kitchen is always where everyone wants to be at family parties. Whenever I am going to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while it’s – “want to grab dinner?” … I’m not complaining, just wondering – what is it about food that brings people together?

*I did have half a bagel too, but mostly fruit!!


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2 responses to “{{food}}

  1. Sara

    1. It’s delicious
    2. Everyone needs to eat it to survive
    3. It fits all tastes and price ranges
    4. It works for groups of 2, 5 or a dozen
    5. You can talk/catch up while doing it
    6. Oh yeah, it’s delicious!

    Want to grab dinner on June 19?

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