{{happy birthday to you}}

happy birthday to my greg!

{Photo taken by me. Cake given by Ed & Jocelyn}

We had a great weekend:

Friday night was Friday Night Lights and really bad Boston sports.

Saturday was an unsuccessful morning (can’t do the iPhone until Thursday, the line for passport photos was 7 people deep, and it rained, a lot). But the afternoon and evening made up for it 10 fold. We had a great time at the Sox game with Greg’s parents followed by the most amazing food ever at Silvertone in Boston for dinner and with that followed by a night at the best bar ever – Clarke’s. As usual we had a blast and there was a great crowd of people.  I always appreciate when people get together for birthdays cause I know everyone is busy and has a million things going on, so it’s nice to be able to gather a great group together to celebrate.

Sunday was Mother’s Day. It started out with a way-too-early- for-being-out-so-late-the-night-before wake up but such is life. Brunch with my family was delicious. Even though we all see each other a lot these days now that everyone is so close it’s still nice to sit together for a meal. I got to sit next to my baby girl (who is 3?!) Caro and she was just so perfect. The Con-Man was a little angel as usual and brunch went off without a hitch. Brunch was followed by a stellar 2+ hour nap and then a relaxing evening with Greg’s family to celebrate not only Mother’s day but also Greg’s birthday. We had a light dinner of grilled pizza and ribs followed by the most delicious cupcakes ever made (if I do say so myself, ha!).

We also went grocery shopping in there and I’m happy to say that I followed the advice of Brooke over at Claremont Road and downloaded the LoseIt! app on my iPhone this morning and I’m hoping to  get back on track starting … NOW!


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  1. FitBritt

    Happy Birthday Greg!

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