{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy ….

1) For her 37th birthday I surprised my mom this morning with coffee from Dunkin Donuts – she was QUITE confused about my appearance at 7:15 am … but she didn’t much mind after she realized I had a strawberry frosted donut too.

2) Glee and their song choices this week. Stellar!!!

3) The new shoes I got from Target … please see number 3 of things to think about as well as photo below.

Three things to think about …

1) Why do so many people have so many opinions about so many things? (AKA why do all my coworkers think they know sooo much about “Gen Y” – the phrase alone gets me all sorts of annoyed.)

2) What am I going to do on this blog other then write my three things thursday?

3) Which would you choose if you could only wear 4 pairs of shoes? I need to get rid of my copious amounts of shoes.


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4 responses to “{{three things thursday}}

  1. Sara

    You can never have too many shoes, so your third question is just silly. 4 pairs of shoes will NEVER be enough. If you truly want to be masochistic then I would have to say sneakers/athletic shoes, black evening heels, black work shoes and summer sandals/flip flops. See how sad your life would be if you only had those shoes to pick from every day?

    However if you wear a size 7 and want donate some shoes to me, I’ll gladly take them.

    P.S. I love your new ones – they’re adorable!

  2. re: Thing to Think About #2 — Please write your opinions about Thing to Thing About #1.

    What’s the story there?


    • But see – I hate when people have opinions on things they shouldn’t have opinions on – so I guess it would be hypocritical for me to have opinions on other people’s opinions?!?!

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