So How I Met Your Mother tonight is about baggage. As in baggage that we all carry around with us (not the ones we try to put overhead on airplanes). Supposedly everyone has baggage – but they see it as more of a list of flaws. I don’t really agree with the idea of finding flaws in people. But what I can do is in flaws in myself:
– I definitely have at least one ohmygodwhydididate him in my past.
– I seriously want to have five babies. (dont get too excited, not any time soon)
– I don’t know how to pack like a normal person.
– I hate doing the dishes. Hate. And I complain about it every time I have to do them.

That’s it. Otherwise I’m perfect. Ha yeah right.
What about you? What’s your baggage?


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2 responses to “{{baggage}}

  1. HA!! I have at least 10 OMGwhydididatehim’s in my past. My baggage is that I am needy. Not going to lie or sugarcoat. I am very needy and I NEED PEOPLE.

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