{{ch-ch-chaaanges}}{part 1}

We have been married for four and a half months! That’s not a very long time in the grand scheme of things – seeing as how we did say this thing was forever, and looks like that isn’t changing anytime soon … but what is changing … is everything else. Here’s a little run-down of the things that have happened to us since we’ve been married. (Okay I am actually starting a few months before just to really give you the whole picture.)

Sept – Moved into Greg’s parents in-law suite so we could rent our Condo so we could buy a house as soon as I found a job (oh the wonderful world of unemployment, don’t miss that)

bye bye beautiful views of the city from the condo!

Sept – Labor Day – Erin & Jeff got married in Seattle while Greg bachelor partied in Hot-Lanta

mr. and dr. lane!!!

lovely ladies & a beautiful view in seattle

Sept – Greg changed jobs – super happy with the change, 5 minute commute doesn’t hurt either.

Oct & Nov – Job search,wedding planning, job search, wedding planning, wedding attending in Virginia, gym going (I lost about 15 pounds and Greg lost almost 30 in the year before the wedding!), bachelorette and wedding showers times TWO (see Dec 5th) modified house hunting until I could get a job – Oh wait, the Friday before Thanksgiving I got a job!!

meg & her sissies

the shower

best sissy ever


oldest besties

December 1 – New job starts for me after 4 months of unemployment – woohoo!!! – 35 minute commute is not too shabby either.

December 5 – My cousin Meg gets married – I’m a bridesmaid! Such a beautiful winter wedding – I love that we got married so close to each other. We’ve always been close, BC brought us closer, wedding planning brought us even closer. I love her!

beautiful bride

December 12 – Emilia’s Bachelorette in NYC- my college roommies are crazy. I seriously almost missed the train down there, like I made it by a minute, then I cried for the first 5 minutes of the ride, I was so tired and stressed, but my girls really made the whole thing worth it.

everyone but emilia, bummer!

what is going on in this photo

December 14 – OFFER ON A HOUSE that Greg saw when I was in NYC, and said that I had to see it ASAP – he was right – it is awesome, I love him & our home. We literally put in an offer at 9pm while we were standing in the house – me for the first time, Greg for the second. Talk about intense.

December 16 – After a little negotiating – offer accepted!!!!! Yes, I am well aware of the insanity. It was insane. We had between this date and basically December 30 to get everything in order and if you’ve ever bought a house you know how much research / paperwork / insanely random things you need to gather – imagine doing it while finishing up wedding planning.

super duper cute house!! oh wait it's ours!

view from the kitchen island that sold me

December 25 – this silly holiday known as Christmas came a week before the wedding (along with multiple family parties in the mean time) Umm. I don’t have any photos of Christmas. It was a nice day. I think. I don’t really remember it. Thanks for those gifts everyone. And for dealing with us having a wedding a week after Christmas. Seriously, thanks!

December 28 – Purchase and sale signed on the house. See December 16th. Crazy, we know. Chaaanges.

Oh would you like to see more of the house? Sorry – that’s another post for another day.

As is the rest of this story … holy crapola that took a lot out of me.


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