{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy …

1) Greg fixed my flat tire for me today — I went outside, discovered it and basically got him out of bed to come down and see that yes, in fact, it is flat, and no, I could not drive it to work and would you pleeeease do something about it?!?!  And he did. He’s the best.

2) Today is my Friday cause we head to DC tonight at 8pm – to see all the Hokies, celebrate Ron & Heidi, and meet THREE babies – Addison, Melina and Luca – yaaay!

3) I discovered the Pomodoro Technique and had a little success in it yesterday, and I’m going to try it again this afternoon at work. Check it out, it’s basically a way to organize your time better, it’s fun!

Three things to think about …

1) There have been a few recent blog posts about staying at home when you  have kids / gender roles … I find it very interesting to read others thoughts on it … both of these posts — That Wife & These Little Moments —  are really well written and well explained … not sure if it’s for me(us) or not but their points are totally valid.

2) Greg and I have been together for just over 4 years and in that time we have been invited to 31 weddings and attended 26 of them. (This includes the remainder of 2010 too.) We only went to 3 alone. Isn’t that ridiculous?!? And you’d think we were almost done – that all our friends had to be married, but in reality we are no where near done. And as much as we probably complain a little bit about it — I love weddings!!

3) I feel a little weird making blogging friends but I also think it’s awesome.  I still find it a little strange to say, “oh yeah! she writes a blog, and I read it, and she is so funny”, I think I’ve got to get used to it since I’m really liking this blogging thing.

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