{{three things thursday}}

Three things that make me happy …

1) I get to eat pulled pork today at our company BBQ. Yum.

2) I’m wearing the necklace I got on our honeymoon today.

3)  Long weekend in Maine ahead of us.

Three things to think about …

1)  Would I be successful working from home – I wonder if I would get everything accomplished that I do while physically at work. I don’t know if I have the self-discipline.

2) Will I ever finish changing my name?  AKA Will I ever go to the DMV to get the last piece done?!  I do love my new name and I love when people call me by it, but dude the DMV is an awful, awful place.

3) How much time do I really waste watchign TV? I already know it’s a lot, but I wonder if I just stopped, or really really cut back (cause let’s be honest, missing Friday Night Lights is not an option) … I know my cousin did it and she is quite happy with the decision. Hmmm …

Special just for this week:

Three things that make my husband really happy I think he’s cute cause I might have killed him:

1) I had a flat tire, remember how wonderful he was when he fixed it for me last week?, well yeah, so Greg (and my brother) suggested that I go to Town Fair Tire to have them take out the nail and re-seal it — so I went … and welllllllll the tire was NOT in the car!! It was in our garage. I made the service guy come all the way out to the car to take a look in the trunk only to find out that it was. not. there. Embarrassed much?

2) 6:37 am Wednesday – no. toilet. paper.

3) This one isn’t so bad since it is my house too, but I definitely took one for the team when I mowed the lawn. Yup, you heard me, I mowed the lawn. (Greg’s been super busy this week and had dinners every night, and well, we would totally have been “those neighbors” if we waited any longer to do it.) I only needed our sweet little neighbor to come over and help me start the thing. Embarrassed much?

Good thing I love him huh? 🙂


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4 responses to “{{three things thursday}}

  1. Sara

    I am majorly impressed about mowing the lawn – you are such a grown up!

    • I know RIGHT?! Seriously it was an out-of-body experience. Half the time I was like heck yeah I’m doing this and the other half I was like, what the heck am I doing?!?!

  2. Your tire story reminds me of the time that I tried to get my tired changed (had a flat and needed 3 new ones – fun) and realized (A) I have tire locks, and (b) I don’t have the key. They loved me for that one!

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