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{{i’ve been tagged}}

Oh my goodness. Seriously? I’ve been tagged. No way!  Yes way! The awesomely cute and super fun Sandy from Sandy a la Mode tagged me. I think this is totally hilarious because I was just talking about how I am really liking Twitter and I found her just recently via Twitter!  So Sandy, let me tell you, you rock! And to the rest of you – if you’re looking for some inspiration, whether it’s for your bathroom that’s going to be redone soon (like me!) or for a fabulous summer ensemble go check her out. Okay onto the tagging …

The Tag game goes as follows:
Go to the 8th folder in which you store your photos
Select the 8th photo
Post it to your blog and tell the story behind it.
After following the above instructions, you are ‘supposed’ to tag 8 other bloggers.

So this is the McFam – my brother, his wife, and their beautiful daughter, my godbaby, Caroline in August 2009. They’re at Fenway Park (in case the shirt, polka dot hat, and ice cream bowl didn’t point you in that direction) and you’d think that seeing as how Caroline is only 2 and 1/2 in the photo that it was probably her first game, right? Wrong! Thanks to my Dad we’ve been going to Fenway as a family for the last three summers and it’s been awesome. We have the best seats and we get to dance and sing to our Sweet Caroline in the 7th inning.  This year we’d get to bring the Con-Con (aka Caroline’s “baby brudder”)We have so much fun and I really hope we can find a date to go this summer with our crazy busy schedules because this is a tradition I really don’t want to end!!

So have at it ladies …

1. Sabrina from RhodeyGirlTests

2. Kerri from McCashew

3. Cass from Cass Just Curious

4. Kimberly from Gator Bride

5. Carly from The Less Than Domestic Goddess

6. Kate from Boston Kate

7. Amber from AmbergoneTrail

8. Brooke from Claremont Road

Thanks Sandy!!



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{{energy boost}}

I was so excited for the wedding to be over.

~~Wait, wait, Sara don’t run away crying … I love you AND your wedding. Your gorgeous, perfect weather, perfect venue, perfect love wedding – I loved every minute of it. My pained feet can attest to that. But … ~~

I was so excited for the wedding to be over. It had been a long few weeks. Lots of traveling. A LOT of airports. Not many nights in my own bed. Not many nights sleeping next to my new husband. One ruined white shirt. (Damn iron) Two delayed flights. Three training sessions crammed into my head. Seriously, it was time for a break.

We spent our ‘last crazy weekend’ in the beautiful city of Chicago loving our friends, partying like rockstars and congratulating Sara & Rob, but it also left us exhausted by the end of it. In the airport Sunday morning there may have been some interpretive readings of Lady Gaga, needless to say I am a little over-tired.

But now, we’re home. Home together. Home in our new house that still needs a few things to make it feel like a home. Lots of little things need to be done. I still need to finish changing my name. My passport is expired and it looks like I’ll need it soon! (Yay! Post for another day!)

With all that said, I need an energy boost. I need someone to shoot me up with something good. Did that sound like I was talking about drugs? If there was some legal option I would seriously consider it. Okay maybe not seriously. Or maybe. I need some energy people!  I sleep well. I eat decently. Only one diet-coke a day is my rule. (I don’t drink coffee and I figure it people get to have 6 cups of that a day, one DC won’t kill me!)

So who’s got some suggestions. Cause I am ready to start fresh. Start from the start with a fresh new plan of attack on life. I don’t want to struggle to wake up in the morning anymore. I also don’t want to crash onto the couch when I get home from work. I want to work out – but I have zero-energy. Let’s hope I can find some energy in me because it’s going to start up again soon and I want to be ready to face it with a smile!

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{{i think i like it here}}

{{sorry I’ve been gone – sorry for no posts – I’ve been traveling – we’ve been busy – etc. etc. … moving right along….}}

I think I really enjoy blogging. Gasp! I know, crazy right? People say it’s annoying to blog about blogging but I’m still new around here and I think it’s something worth pointing out.

Carly over at The Less Than Domestic Goddess wrote an awesome post about helping small blogs grow and I totally plan on taking ALL of that advice to heart … and Sabrina (who is my healthy eating and exercise inspiration) has expanded her blog 10fold since I first started reading her about a year ago. Not to mention the wonderful Jenna and Mandy – they are both just really great and entertaining and their audiences are huge.

Those lovely ladies are my ‘new blogging friends’ (in my mind only!) but my mainstay has been my awesome sister-in-law who has taken her little blog to the next step and really rocked out … although now with baby number two the posts are fewer, they are always awesome and let the world know just how she is feeling.

I also have a twitter guru in @BostonKate -(Follow Me!) a friend who is new to the blogging world but really taught me the importance of twitter and I love the relationships it has helped me to develop.

But for me, what I’ve realize, is that blogging is something for me to start to express myself a bit more. Yes my mother reads this … and I think occasionally my husband finds his way here … so some topics might be limited … but I think I am going to be opening up a bit more. I will talk about friendships – how some people are awesome and how some are harder to handle. I will talk about growing up, day by day, week by week.  I will write for you (if you lurkers will come out and say hi that would be great I want to be your friend!). Mostly, though, I will write for me, for a break from the ins and outs and ups and downs. For fun. For a time out.

Woohoo. Go blogging.


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{{three things thursday}}

You didn’t think I’d skip a three things Thursday did you?! What just because I am exhausted and cranky and oh wait on. an. airplane!! Oh never fear. I am here.

Three things I learned from this trip:
1) Always call the airline directly if you are tying to switch flights. My flight was delayed nearly two hours. I noticed another earlier flight still hadn’t taken off. So I got in line behind two other people and I had the idea to call American Airlines directly instead of waiting – good plan because the two people in front of me did not get on and I did!! And now I’m scheduled to be home before my original flight!

2) In my line of work (nothing fancy just HR) you really have to be careful what you say. People will try to get answers out of you and you have to try to come up with an answer that will satisfy them while at the same time not giving out too much information. I know I’m being cryptic but essentially I always have to be on my toes.

3) People really will prioritize you if you prioritize them. (I heart you Sara! Only 9 days. Get yourself better!!)

Okay that is today in a nutshell. Gonna try to get some shut eye on the plane now.


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{{does this stuff work?!}}

Focus Vitamin Water … I hope it works. Long flight to Chicago ahead.

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The five months since we got married have been a little bananas (as you see I started with my ch-ch-changes post and could only get through part 1 so far because I almost had a mental breakdown when writing it out) and it continues to be more and more crazy each day. As my mother points out time and time again (and mom’s are always right) it’s almost all good things, no I take that back, it is all good things. But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel overwhelmed, and I do.

My plan for the last few weeks has been that I would make some changes in my 27th year. Get rid of that overwhelmed feeling and take control. Makes changes that focus more on my health and happiness rather then attempting to do it all. So here’s what 27 will bring – 27 things for me that will help to make a healthier and happier me.

1) Buy a new car.

2) Visit Canada.

3) Cook in our crock pot.

4) Send some snail mail.

5) Go fishing with Greg.

6) Prioritize people who prioritize me.

7) Finish our wedding album with MKD.

8) Create our wedding book. (With personal photos & ceremony words)

9) Be a fabulous bridesmaid for Maria.

10) Learn how to sew and/or knit and/or something in that world.

11) Use the $159 credit I have on jet blue to visit someone special.

12) Take a vitamin every day.

13) Learn 6 new recipes and become a master of them all.

14) Enjoy exercise so that I do it more.

15) Take my sissy out for dinner.

16) Stop using facebook as often as I do.

17) Thanksgiving in Virginia.

18) See the Eclipse movie with Jocelyn.

19) No TV Tuesdays.

20) Spend less time with my phone in my hand.

21) Plant some flowers.

22) Spend more time with Caro & Con-man

23) Make a bedtime routine & stick to it.

24) Learn Photoshop (basic!).

25) Eat fewer chips.

26) Eat more salads.

27) Read 10 books.

What do you think? Think I can do it? I plan to write about each of them as they are accomplished. Some will be easier then others but they will all be fulfilling.


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{{where in the world …}}

… is Carmen San Diego?! (Side note: Remember my friend Leigh? She was on Carmen San Diego as a kid.  I am still desperately trying to get my hands on the VHS tape of that amazingness!)

For real though – where in the world have I been? Well as my last post stated I was headed up to Maine for Memorial Day weekend … and it’s now been ten days since then. Let’s discuss where I have been:

  • Maine (technically New Hampshire too since we drove through it)
  • Cleveland/Mentor, OH (technically Maryland & Illinois too since I had ridiculous layovers in both those states to travel to and from Ohio)
  • Boston College for my 5 year college reunion (technically this isn’t a state but rather a college campus but it is a world unto itself.)

Technicalities included I have been traveling a lot.

Outside of the travel I also happened to turn 27. It was a fabulously quiet day with my husband. He gave me my fabulous gifts in the morning, we napped in the afternoon, and we dined at Legal Seafood in the evening. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

So that’s where I have been … tomorrow you’ll find out where I am going … figuratively and literally.

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