{{where in the world …}}

… is Carmen San Diego?! (Side note: Remember my friend Leigh? She was on Carmen San Diego as a kid.  I am still desperately trying to get my hands on the VHS tape of that amazingness!)

For real though – where in the world have I been? Well as my last post stated I was headed up to Maine for Memorial Day weekend … and it’s now been ten days since then. Let’s discuss where I have been:

  • Maine (technically New Hampshire too since we drove through it)
  • Cleveland/Mentor, OH (technically Maryland & Illinois too since I had ridiculous layovers in both those states to travel to and from Ohio)
  • Boston College for my 5 year college reunion (technically this isn’t a state but rather a college campus but it is a world unto itself.)

Technicalities included I have been traveling a lot.

Outside of the travel I also happened to turn 27. It was a fabulously quiet day with my husband. He gave me my fabulous gifts in the morning, we napped in the afternoon, and we dined at Legal Seafood in the evening. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

So that’s where I have been … tomorrow you’ll find out where I am going … figuratively and literally.

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