The five months since we got married have been a little bananas (as you see I started with my ch-ch-changes post and could only get through part 1 so far because I almost had a mental breakdown when writing it out) and it continues to be more and more crazy each day. As my mother points out time and time again (and mom’s are always right) it’s almost all good things, no I take that back, it is all good things. But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel overwhelmed, and I do.

My plan for the last few weeks has been that I would make some changes in my 27th year. Get rid of that overwhelmed feeling and take control. Makes changes that focus more on my health and happiness rather then attempting to do it all. So here’s what 27 will bring – 27 things for me that will help to make a healthier and happier me.

1) Buy a new car.

2) Visit Canada.

3) Cook in our crock pot.

4) Send some snail mail.

5) Go fishing with Greg.

6) Prioritize people who prioritize me.

7) Finish our wedding album with MKD.

8) Create our wedding book. (With personal photos & ceremony words)

9) Be a fabulous bridesmaid for Maria.

10) Learn how to sew and/or knit and/or something in that world.

11) Use the $159 credit I have on jet blue to visit someone special.

12) Take a vitamin every day.

13) Learn 6 new recipes and become a master of them all.

14) Enjoy exercise so that I do it more.

15) Take my sissy out for dinner.

16) Stop using facebook as often as I do.

17) Thanksgiving in Virginia.

18) See the Eclipse movie with Jocelyn.

19) No TV Tuesdays.

20) Spend less time with my phone in my hand.

21) Plant some flowers.

22) Spend more time with Caro & Con-man

23) Make a bedtime routine & stick to it.

24) Learn Photoshop (basic!).

25) Eat fewer chips.

26) Eat more salads.

27) Read 10 books.

What do you think? Think I can do it? I plan to write about each of them as they are accomplished. Some will be easier then others but they will all be fulfilling.



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2 responses to “{{27}}

  1. Wow! This list gave me shivers! Please tell me you did this last night b/c I was concocting one of my own …

    I especially love #15.

    Let me know if you want any help … or not. I have some great recipes; I would love to try to plant flowers (we may need to enlist Kiki in this endeavor); I would love to do a Sissy Book Club (2 birds with 1 stone — dinner and 1 of 10 books), etc.

    Enjoy it all!

  2. tinxycat

    4) well i got some snail mail like last week 🙂 i think that counts!

    22) con -man was also my bro’s nickname – love it!

    11) vegas?

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