{{energy boost}}

I was so excited for the wedding to be over.

~~Wait, wait, Sara don’t run away crying … I love you AND your wedding. Your gorgeous, perfect weather, perfect venue, perfect love wedding – I loved every minute of it. My pained feet can attest to that. But … ~~

I was so excited for the wedding to be over. It had been a long few weeks. Lots of traveling. A LOT of airports. Not many nights in my own bed. Not many nights sleeping next to my new husband. One ruined white shirt. (Damn iron) Two delayed flights. Three training sessions crammed into my head. Seriously, it was time for a break.

We spent our ‘last crazy weekend’ in the beautiful city of Chicago loving our friends, partying like rockstars and congratulating Sara & Rob, but it also left us exhausted by the end of it. In the airport Sunday morning there may have been some interpretive readings of Lady Gaga, needless to say I am a little over-tired.

But now, we’re home. Home together. Home in our new house that still needs a few things to make it feel like a home. Lots of little things need to be done. I still need to finish changing my name. My passport is expired and it looks like I’ll need it soon! (Yay! Post for another day!)

With all that said, I need an energy boost. I need someone to shoot me up with something good. Did that sound like I was talking about drugs? If there was some legal option I would seriously consider it. Okay maybe not seriously. Or maybe. I need some energy people!  I sleep well. I eat decently. Only one diet-coke a day is my rule. (I don’t drink coffee and I figure it people get to have 6 cups of that a day, one DC won’t kill me!)

So who’s got some suggestions. Cause I am ready to start fresh. Start from the start with a fresh new plan of attack on life. I don’t want to struggle to wake up in the morning anymore. I also don’t want to crash onto the couch when I get home from work. I want to work out – but I have zero-energy. Let’s hope I can find some energy in me because it’s going to start up again soon and I want to be ready to face it with a smile!


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  1. i totally know what you mean… about being excited for a crazy busy weekend to be over, even though weddings are so fun!

    re your blog comment about the paint – the color we used in our basement is gray ash by behr paint from home depot! thanks for your lovely comment!

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