{{i think i like it here}}

{{sorry I’ve been gone – sorry for no posts – I’ve been traveling – we’ve been busy – etc. etc. … moving right along….}}

I think I really enjoy blogging. Gasp! I know, crazy right? People say it’s annoying to blog about blogging but I’m still new around here and I think it’s something worth pointing out.

Carly over at The Less Than Domestic Goddess wrote an awesome post about helping small blogs grow and I totally plan on taking ALL of that advice to heart … and Sabrina (who is my healthy eating and exercise inspiration) has expanded her blog 10fold since I first started reading her about a year ago. Not to mention the wonderful Jenna and Mandy – they are both just really great and entertaining and their audiences are huge.

Those lovely ladies are my ‘new blogging friends’ (in my mind only!) but my mainstay has been my awesome sister-in-law who has taken her little blog to the next step and really rocked out … although now with baby number two the posts are fewer, they are always awesome and let the world know just how she is feeling.

I also have a twitter guru in @BostonKate -(Follow Me!) a friend who is new to the blogging world but really taught me the importance of twitter and I love the relationships it has helped me to develop.

But for me, what I’ve realize, is that blogging is something for me to start to express myself a bit more. Yes my mother reads this … and I think occasionally my husband finds his way here … so some topics might be limited … but I think I am going to be opening up a bit more. I will talk about friendships – how some people are awesome and how some are harder to handle. I will talk about growing up, day by day, week by week.  I will write for you (if you lurkers will come out and say hi that would be great I want to be your friend!). Mostly, though, I will write for me, for a break from the ins and outs and ups and downs. For fun. For a time out.

Woohoo. Go blogging.


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6 responses to “{{i think i like it here}}

  1. Keeks

    I read Dooce, I think you will be safe.

  2. Thank you so much for your super sweet compliment!

  3. Thanks so much! Blogging is fun and I totally feel like i’m BFF with all you gals. Even though we’ve never met…..

  4. Great use of Twitter! I read this post because you said you mentioned me :), I’m definitely going to employ that technique myself sometime. Good luck with the rest of your blogging!

  5. thanks all for visiting!! hoping I really find my ‘voice’ here soon!

  6. thanks for the shout out auntie c! we love you and can’t wait to read about what you are up to next now that things have. sllllooooowwwwwweeeedddd down. =) July 3rd!!!!!

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