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{{gone fishin’}}

Greg loves to fish. I love to eat fish. Perfect relationship, right? Except the kind of fishing Greg likes to do doesn’t  usually lend itself to the type of fish I like to eat … bummer.

Greg is off on a fishing extravaganza with his dad, uncle, and cousin this week and, boy, is he excited. They’re driving a million hours to the cabin in Maine, then they drive more hours into a ‘camp’ (I don’t even want to know what that means, I think it involves a tent, eek!) where they will spend three days fishing. Fly fishing, boat fishing, eating fishing, can’t-catch-a-thing fishing. They will wear mesh shorts and waders. They will eat burgers and hot dogs on the grill morning, noon and night. The old Bronco will get them where they need to be and will bring them home safe. There will be no women complaining about being cold or hot; being bitten by bugs; or gross bait used to catch those ever elusive fish. They’ll sit around and probably not talk a lot. That’s what they do and that’s what they love.

Greg said it’s been a long time since he’s been fishing and he cannot wait, to me the whole thing sounds like my worst nightmare. With that said … the thing about it is, that I’m jealous. I’m jealous that he is so passionate about something. Something so simple as fishing can get him so excited. I am missing that something in my life. I want to find my thing. My ‘gosh when was the last time I …’ thing. One possibility is definitely spending time with my friends and family – but that doesn’t really seem like a ‘thing’.  It can’t be exercising or eating well because although that is something I strive to do, but it’s not an outlet just for me, that’s a lifestyle that I hope to achieve. It’s definitely not shopping, cause I hate that. Greg mentioned that massages are something that I love … but heck, who doesn’t!? And they’re expensive! I need a non-expensive ‘thing’ … got any ideas?



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{{our google search story}}

Following along with the latest trend on the good old world wide web I wasted spent some time tonight writing up our story …

I also tricked Greg into thinking that it just happened to be ‘our story’ – he only believed me for about 20 seconds but it was a fun 20 seconds none-the-less.

What’s your story?

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So for many it wouldn’t be a big deal. And let’s be honest – in the end these six months will be just a blip on the radrar screen but wow, has it really been six months since we got married?!

We are celebrating six months in one of our favorite places. With our favorite people. Also, I got flowers. Aren’t I so lucky?

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