{{honeymoon – here we go}}

One thing we’ve done on all of our vacations so far is to keep a journal of what we do while we are there. I think we do this for three reasons:

1) I have a bad memory

2) I have a bad memory but take a lot of photos and want to know where I am in each of the photos

3) To have something to look back on and remember our vacations (aka, I have a bad memory)

So I’ll be letting you in on some bits and pieces from the journal to help guide you through our honeymoon in Kauai! Apologies in advance that it is all a bit of a run on sentence but we just tried to write down as much as we could as quickly as we could.


So our adventure began on a very snowy day in Boston at the Seaport Hotel in the honeymoon suite. We had said goodbye and thank you to both of our parents as well as many of our guests at the very yummy brunch. Then, it happened, Greg checked on our flight — on no — three hour delay. Quick – what to do – call Kerry, maid-of-honor extraordinaire who thankfully waited a few minutes for us to throw our bags together. We stuffed into her little red Jetta along with the leftovers from the cupcake tower and the well utilized “bathroom baskets” that she was taking home with her.  That stuff along with all of our luggage and our very tired feet made the ten minute drive to Newton seem much longer then usual.
But alas – our slightly rough start had a bright spot – an email from MKD photography with a slideshow link already?! Could it be?! We lugged our bags inside and spent the next 20 minutes in awe. Who could have imagined they would not only take such beautiful photos but also turn them over so quickly! Many words come to mind when thinking about the photos but we’ll stick with amazing for now.

Needless to say the flight was delayed a total of five hours when all was said and done. No one else at the wedding was delayed more than an hour – go figure. Colleen and I slept most of the flight and arrived at 1:35am San Fransisco time. We rushed to the hotel in San Fran (sans luggage, a story for another day) and got 4 hours of solid sleep.
Flight #2 was delayed as well, so we did what we do best, go to the bar, read, complain, and enjoy the airport terminal.

Mimosa at the airport, so so tired.

Always a Hokie, no matter where he is

Our flight took off at 12:30PM (3 hours late) and we were finally on our way to beatiful Kauai. We had a nice flight and landed in heaven around 3:15 PM Hawaii time.

Thankfully our bodies and luggage (there may have been a little “our luggage made it” dance at the baggage carousel) arrived – only to be way-laid by rain, yes rain, in Kauai, where it only rains 10 inches a year. We got to Hertz and decided to make this vacation really ours – and we switched our rental car to a new four door Jeep – it is awesome. We drove that bad boy directly to the Waiohai and slipped into something a little more Hawaiian (remember, no luggage in San Fran – we were still wearing the same clothes we left the Seaport in, thankfully I had flip flops, not so for Mr. Campbell) and headed to dinner.

The most important part of dinner

We ate a very quick, but very delicious dinner just down the road at Keoki’s Paradise. Colleen was being open and even ate Asian wings (new husband was quite happy with the change of heart) Some fun Hawaiian music played in the background but all we could do was think about sleeping so off to bed we went.

Woke up early the next morning to catch the sunrise since our bodies were still on east coast time …


Early early morning self portrait

This actually wasn't staged, love this photo

Greg’s parents and brother had strongly suggested this location for a beautiful sunrise … too bad we didn’t figure out until it was too late that the sun rises on the other side of the island during the winter … it was gorgeous none the less.



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2 responses to “{{honeymoon – here we go}}

  1. Holy crap, as if the flight to Hawaii isn’t long enough, you sat through some crazy delays! Love the pics, and am more than slightly jealous of your awesome honeymoon. Next day, please.

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