{i am a flasher}

Yup. That’s right you googling creepers. I am a flasher. Don’t get too excited this post has no photos., as I am definitely not the Mardi Gras “give me some beads” kind of flasher. Or even the male variety that liked to hang around the running paths near my college. (Don’t worry, I never saw them but there were ‘bulletins’ all the time warning of the flashers.) I’m a flasher of the there-is-a-cop-up-ahead-slow-the-heck-down(!!) variety.

Yesterday after work I decided to take the windy back roads to make my way home. I only take this route when I know that I don’t want to talk on the phone because there is no cell phone service for about 15 minutes. These are the days I want my windows down and to be blasting some music and singing right along with it. So I was making my way down the road, probably traveling a solid 10 mph over the speed limit {oh stop it, don’t pretend like you don’t do this too!} singing along as happy as a clam. Then I saw a jogger coming towards me and I of course slowed down and drifted out of his way a little bit  while turned the volume down on my radio. I was slightly embarrassed, slightly annoyed that this jogger had interrupted me and Katy Perry rocking out to California Girls. Then something funny happened — he started flailing his arms at me and so I slowed down as I approached thinking to myself:  “GOSH I already slowed DOWN!” Then he nicely hollered into my window — “there’s a cop up ahead!” — with a smile and a wave.

Wow, did I ever feel like a jerk. What a nice guy. Just jogging along doing his thing while at the same time saving my speeding self from getting a ticket. So of course when a car approached me from the other direction just a few hundred yards from said policeman, I gave a little flash with my lights. I don’t know if this is legal, but I do know that it is right. Helping a fellow joy-rider from getting a ticket made me happy as the person gave me a quick wave and a smile and I could see their break lights as they drove by. Another soul saved.


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2 responses to “{i am a flasher}

  1. Haha, I do the same thing. I’m always scared of the day I flash my light at a cop, but I’m assuming all they can do is warn me?

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