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{{2010 in weddings}}

We go to a lot of weddings.

January 2 – Our own wedding of course!!

March 27 – Emilia & Chris in New Orleans!

May 21 – Ron & Heidi in Virginia

June 19 – Sara & Rob in Chicago!

September 4 – Melissa & Chris in Boston

(This one was at the same venue as our wedding – they treated us like the king and queen of the prom!)

September 25 – Maria & Steve in Milton, MA

*I was a bridesmaid in this one!!

We also had to say no to two other weddings this year! We love our friends but are pretty excited that 2011 only has one wedding scheduled right now!!

One left to go to on October 30th of these two fabulous people:

Can’t wait!



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{{flowers of kauai}}

*photos by me*

*this collage was made by me using a FREE online website – picnik*

*if you are afraid of photoshop, fear no more – this was SO easy to do!!!!*

*it also took about 3 minutes*

*no I’m not being paid by picnik. it’s just. that. awesome.*


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{{early riser}}

He is only other person that would be awake, I knew it. It was 6:10 in the morning on the second day of the year and I was bright eyed. I had a few things left to do before the day got started. I sat on the bathroom floor (I didn’t want to wake  Kerry sleeping soundly next to where I caught a few hours of sleep) to write a card to Greg.  When the love filled card was done, I took a quick shower … but not too quick, as I wanted to savor every minute of this day.  It was about 6:45 when I grabbed my room key and ran down the hallway to my parents suite. Knocking on the door a few times, trying to be quiet and loud at the same time. And of course, he answered. My dad was also ready and rearing to get this day started. Just like most days growing up, I greeted my fellow-early-riser and chatted with him while curled up at the foot of my parents bed. Today was different though, it was my wedding day.

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Weddingbee is seriously the best!
I have won TWO giveaways from them in the past and
Now I won one from the lovely Chelsey aka Mrs. Gloss.
New houses take a lot of work and decorating takes a lot of
Effort! Thankfully I won some new moustaches
Ready to be hung to help decorate our to-be-remodled bathroom!

*Thanks Chelsey!

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Sometimes I think I come up with good ideas.

Every now and then I’m right, every now and then I’m wrong.

Posting in September will hopefully be more frequent.

Today I’m starting this new idea where

Every day a I will write like this for a new word that represents that day.

Maybe they will be lengthy,

But most likely the posts will be quick and to the point.

Enjoy the new format because I’m

Really excited to see what this month brings …

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