{{2010 in weddings}}

We go to a lot of weddings.

January 2 – Our own wedding of course!!

March 27 – Emilia & Chris in New Orleans!

May 21 – Ron & Heidi in Virginia

June 19 – Sara & Rob in Chicago!

September 4 – Melissa & Chris in Boston

(This one was at the same venue as our wedding – they treated us like the king and queen of the prom!)

September 25 – Maria & Steve in Milton, MA

*I was a bridesmaid in this one!!

We also had to say no to two other weddings this year! We love our friends but are pretty excited that 2011 only has one wedding scheduled right now!!

One left to go to on October 30th of these two fabulous people:

Can’t wait!


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3 responses to “{{2010 in weddings}}

  1. isn’t it soo fun!!?? we had 10 weddings total this year, 2 more to go in october and 2 we had to turn down! and we have 6 lined up for next year already~!! oh boy!!! it’s expensive but a good time hehe!

    • It’s totally expensive but totally tons of fun! We were joking with one of our single friends that she needs to get married in Vegas (or at least pretend to!) so we can have an excuse to get together again soon!

  2. I love going to weddings, but gosh you guys had a ton to go to!!

    I love the dress you wore to the New Orleans wedding. So beautiful and classy!

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