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According to Chelsey over at Classically Modern Nest I am deserving of this badge:

With this badge comes the request to share 7 things you may not know about me:

1.  In Kindergarten we performed a circus – I was the fat lady – It was hilarious. The photo of me and the fat man made it into our senior year yearbook because it’s that classic.

2.  I really really think that blackberries ruined the idea of leaving work at work. I *hate* my blackberry. I honestly think that it’s hurting people’s personal lives and family time.

3.  If my job could be gchatting all day I would be really good at it. Maybe I should be one of those people who online chat with people to help them with online banking. They are always helpful to me.

4. Freshman year of college (when I was 18!) a boy I had a crush on found my first gray hair – and pulled it out – crush was over and he’s one of my best friends still.

5.  When I was little I wanted to be a toll collector because I wanted to meet everyone I could. Now that job freaks me out.

6.  Some of you know this but most probably don’t and it’s my go-to for “two truths and a lie”: I was my 36th family member to go to Boston College -(both parents, both siblings, two grandfathers, etc.) – In my graduating class there were 4 other people I was related to. One is a first cousin and the other three are second cousins (aka my dad’s cousins kids). My first cousin and I were (and still are) close. But for the second cousins it was only the second or third time I had met all of them. Three of us had the same last name. It was bizarre and awesome all at the same time.

7. I talk to my mom every morning on my drive to work.


No kidding right?! I’m a weirdo.

Now it’s *your* turn:








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