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Greg and I have been married for a year and four months. We’ve been together for over five years. We’ve known each other for almost 10. (wow!) Since the early days of dating he has always said he wants to own a boat. He’s into fishing, the open water and simply the relaxation of it all. His plans with said boat are to “you know, go out on the water and just hang out.” He isn’t looking for a fancy boat. Just a 20 foot center console fishing boat to be exact. Though I am fairly petrified of the open ocean and swimming in general, I’ve actually been into this boat idea for a while. I like the idea of just stepping away from everything and going out on the boat to read a book while he fishes and take some deep breaths.

For me, though, there were some things standing in the way of the boat. First I wanted to get married – check. Then I wanted a home – check. The next one was bigger though – I wanted a baby. (He did too!) For us it was always “babies before boats” – that was my go to phrase whenever he told me he wanted “a boat” for Christmas or his birthday … I simply stated “babies before boats”.  Well on the morning of Christmas Eve we found out we were having a baby and we immediately knew “it” needed a nickname. My niece was known as Cash (referring to the Cashew size she was when they announced they were pregnant) and my family is big on nicknames.  It took a few days but Greg came up with the perfect nickname for the little guy/girl floating around inside me – buoy.

So now we’ve got our buoy … next step is the boat?



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