bump (or lack there of) photos

We found out we were pregnant Christmas Eve morning at 4:53am (more on that to come) … we were pretty pumped Christmas morning, we didn’t even care about the presents, only about the awesomeness that was going on and how in the world were we going to get through the holidays without revealing our secret!!

I had just been to the doctor for the first time before this next photo was taken. We were lucky that we got to do an early ultrasound because they weren’t sure of my exact due date. Clearly there’s no real bump there, only what was there pre-baby, this is definitely my “before” shot. I was also doing good with the workouts here still and the fatigue hadn’t hit me too bad yet.

Tired, very very tired. You can see (or at least I can) how tired I look and I remember how I felt. My jeans and almost all pants were still buttoning at this point. I hadn’t gained much weight at all and really any bump you see here was most likely bloating. Because I was so tired I seriously could barely eat. Poor Greg would make me a nice dinner and the effort to eat it was sometimes too much. My appetite was gone. I’m tired just remembering how tired I was.

Baby moon!!! We spent the best five days doing absolutely nothing, it was awesome. This is the view from our balcony in Sanibel, Florida. I’m wearing a maternity skirt but that is a regular top that I’ve had since the honeymoon. It is very empire waisted so I hope it lasts me a little while longer cause it’s cute! This is where, if I had on either of the outfits from the photos above, you could definitely see a baby bump!  My appetite was definitely back by now and the fatigue had mostly gone away. Thank goodness!

I was 18 weeks when the photo above was taken … and now two small weeks later, HOLY POP. I have popped like none other. I’ll be showing those pictures hopefully at a more up-to-date time frame. But that’s me and buoy, as we’ve grown. Thankfully I have not gained much weight at all so far — I hope I can continue on a fairly low (but healthy!) weight gain as I started a a higher weight then I wanted to. Here’s to hoping! And here’s to a healthy baby!


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10 responses to “bump (or lack there of) photos

  1. I want to see the latest pics too please!!!

    and why did you take a test at 4:53 am?!?! So early haha!

  2. Sara

    You’re adorable and you look awesome. Keep up the good incubatin’

  3. Can’t wait to hear the Christmas eve story!

  4. Ooh, the Christmas Eve story sounds like a good one! Love the photos – you look wonderful!!

  5. Mccashew

    More pics! Though I get to see you all the time I never get tired of seeing “inside baby” buoy. Time is flying by! Best Xmas present ever…

  6. You have barely any bump at all at 4 months!! 😀

  7. MK

    You don’t even look like you’re showing in the 4 month picture, lucky you! Although here I am 6 months and just now popped, but GEEZ did I pop. Can’t wait to see the next pics!

  8. Ok! Ok!! The Christmas Eve story is coming tomorrow! And an updated bump shot on Wednesday.

    PS lululemon pants are worth every penny for the butt situation in month 2.

  9. Can’t wait for the Christmas Eve story! Additionally, you are adorable and I can only surmise that you will get more & more cute as the weeks tick by!

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments. I think it’s about time for another update — after we take the 22 week photo this weekend I’ll post some next week!

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