If our baby was a girl her middle name would have been Eve, but alas, it’s a boy and Evan just isn’t as special as Eve. Christmas Eve morning, December 24, 2010, is a morning I will never forget …

6:00 pm, December 23rd, 2010

Colleen: But what if I am? I mean I don’t feel like I am but I totally could be, and what if I drink this weekend and I hurt the baby? I need to know before going to parties this weekend.

Greg: Just take the test now!

Colleen: Noo!! You have to take it in the MORNING, or it doesn’t WORK! duh!!!!

Greg: Oh, oh. Umm, okay, tomorrow morning then, you’re taking a pregnancy test tomorrow morning!!!

4:45 am, December 24th, 2010

Colleen: [to myself, since, umm it was 4:45 in the morning] Why am I wide awake? I wonder if I am. I really don’t think I am. But man do my boobs hurt. But your  boobs hurt with your period sometimes too. I know but maybe this is different. Maybe I really am. Oh man why am I wide awake at 4:45 am. Maybe I should just go take it now. I’ll just take it and if it’s negative it’s negative – or maybe I’ll just wait to wake Greg up. Or maybe I could do something cute and like put a bun in the oven and make him go look in the oven …. hmm we don’t have any buns that won’t work … okay I can’t wait anymore I am going to go do this.

Bathroom – stick – you know the drill …

Colleen: [to myself again, since, it’s only about 4:52 am at this point] Okay 3 minutes, deep breath, no big deal either way. We haven’t been trying too long. It’s not a big deal either way. Wouldn’t it be cool if we were actually … OMG … that’s a plus sign!  OMG OMG OMG. AHHHH.

Run into bedroom and jump on the bed.

Colleen: [outloud this time, quite loudly] Greg! Greg! I’m pregnant! We’re having a baaaaby!!!! I’m pregnant!!!

Greg: [rolls over to look at the clock, very very confused] It’s 4:53 in the morning.

Colleen: I took a test — IT WAS POSITIVE! Like INSTANTLY. We’re pregnant. We’re having a BABYYYY!!

Greg: [a little more alert] Oh my gosh, are you serious? For real? Wait why are you up at 4:53 in the morning? You took the test? And it was positive? Which test? How many did you take? Wait really? let me see it!! We’re having a BABY!!!!

annnnnnnd scene!

I proceeded to run over and grab the baby books, as if they would suddenly say “yes, you ARE indeed pregnant!”  We read them for about an hour, while giggling, laughing, omg-ing and just general happiness. The one thing we were able to figure out (with a little iPhone assistance) that we were having a late August baby!  Holy moly, hot summer. We then decided that we needed to go back to sleep, but that lasted only about an hour and we were once again wide awake at 7am. I took another test then, just to be sure, and yup, it wasn’t a joke!

Here’s a shot of me at Greg’s family Christmas Eve party later that night … at this point only our parents and siblings knew … see that wine glass in my hand there, don’t worry it was all a ruse! Do you think I had the glow then?

(Greg’s cousin is a budding photog, how lucky are we?)




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7 responses to “eve

  1. Sara

    That is a very special story. You’re such a sneaky girl, I had no idea! Also that is a very cute picture. My cousin Chris just recently started a photography business and it’s so fun to get good pictures at family parties these days.

  2. Best story ever!!!! Love the thoughts you had while laying there….”Maybe I should put a bun in the oven and make him look?” So cute.

  3. Sunny

    Aww, that is such a sweet story and I love that if it had been a girl she would have had such a special name!

  4. Aww, that’s a great story! I wouldn’t have been able to lay there and think about taking the test, either — that would have been torture!

  5. Love this! And I probably would have done the exact same thing – complete with jumping up and down on my husband if I saw that it was positive! So excited for you both!

  6. Congrats, congrats! I would have definitely been up at 4-something in the morning too!

  7. Thanks everyone. I’m glad I finally got this story written down because I don’t want to forget it.

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