spring time engagement

It’s just about 2 years ago right now that we took our engagement pictures. We had already been engaged for almost a year and had 8 months to go. Our amazing photographers, Mike & Kate of MKDPhotography, took these on the water right where we were living at the time. Though it looks like a sunny day – the wind was a blowing and the skies were kinda grey, typical spring in Boston – you never know what you’re gonna get.

source of all photos is MKDPhotography

And my comments from the above photos:

1) This is the perfect “parent” engagement photo – it’s a great straight forward shot of us. MKD did a great job of catching a few “typical” shots among their other amaaazing photos!

2) We literally climbed through some ridiculous things to get to this location but they saw the “wheat grass” and had a vision and it turned out amazing! Love it!

3) Love the angle of this one – love the foot lift, love the location – I used to do sprints up and down that dock. This was a better reason to be there!

4) This is one of my favorite photos of me ever taken. Love it.

5) Love the way he is looking at me.

6) Check out Greg’s face. I also love it when he looks at me like that! I think his exact words after this photo were “what the heck are you doing?”

PS – I got my hair colored the day before and styled it for like an hour and a half. I also had my make up done at a department store that morning – so worth it!


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6 responses to “spring time engagement

  1. They’re all great but my favorites are 3 and 6!! I love how your skirt is billowing in 3 and the leg kick in 6. Plus? Awesome dress and shoes.

  2. Awe! I love the shot of you behind the wheat grass! This post makes me want to go back and look at our engagement pictures!

  3. I’m so glad you shared these with us! I love them all, but I think there’s something super adorable about 3 — and you look so gorgeous in 4!

  4. I LOVE these photos…so great! And #4 IS amazing! 🙂

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