Want to feel …

… Inspired?

Take a minute to read this article and watch this video on a good family friend who had a tragic biking accident 5 years ago. He was temporarily paralyzed and remains mostly blind to this day. He ran the Boston Marathon for the 3rd time yesterday. Yeah, that’s 26.2 miles without being able to see.

Will McNamara – Doctor & Blind Patient Run Marathon Together


If that didn’t do it for you, here’s another link to a video from the day after the Virginia Tech Massacre in April of 2007.  32 lives were tragically lost that day.  My husband is a 2004 graduate of Tech and I’ve been to visit the campus a few times. We were scheduled to visit campus the weekend after the tragedy for their Spring football game – instead we spent the weekend at a local lake with all of Greg’s college friends – it was one of the first times I felt like a real Hokie — and I’m proud to say I am one, at least an honorary one.  {{neVer forgeT – 4/16/07}}

We are Virginia Tech – We will prevail.

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