Eight minutes

I won’t get ahead of myself and say this happens every night but we do try to do it most week nights before bed and are trying to get better at it … get your minds out of the gutter … I’m talking about tidying up our house.


Here’s the plan:
1) Choose three songs and make a playlist or open the Pandora app on one of our iPhones
2) Set timer on the other phone for 8 minutes
3) Get busy
Again people, with your dirty minds …
Here are some of the things we get busy doing:
Dishes (ugh – see above photo)
Hang up jackets
Move work bags to the right spot (from where they were dropped like a bad habit in the entry way)
Change over a load of laundry or bring load up to the bedroom for folding
Organize the mail: recycle – bills – fun things
Clean the counters
Put away random things that have made their way out of their homes
Bring out trash
Fill up water cups to bring up stairs (I drink so much water these days!)
So that’s what we do in our 8 minutes before heading upstairs to get in bed for the night … what do you think you could accomplish in 8 minutes?


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5 responses to “Eight minutes

  1. Debbie

    Such a great idea! I’ll admit our apartment is a little out of control. Our dog and cat cause a huge mess that should be cleaned up everyday, but we just don’t get around to it (they like to chew on boxes for some reason). We also hate doing dishes so sometimes they pile up to an out of control amount and it takes over an hour to finish them. I’m telling my husband about this tonight! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. I have a set routine of nightly chores that I do the minute I walk in the door from work – make coffee for the next day, read the mail, take care of feeding our animals, etc. It usually only takes around 8 minutes, too! I do it first thing because I never EVER want to do it later when I’m comfy on the couch and watching my stories. 🙂 Setting aside a small chunk of time to get things done is a great idea – makes you feel like you’ve really gotten something done!

    • I like doing it right before bed because I feel like we end up making a mess in the evening. This also reminds me of yet another reason why we can’t have a dog just yet! (But yet we can handle a baby?!?!)

  3. We have a nightly routine too! Normally, Kevin packs his lunch while I wash my face then we both tidy the kitchen. He lets Bodie out for his last potty stop while I pack my gym back and make sure hubs has his uniform ready for the next day. 🙂

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