six dollar movie!

Greg’s reasons for being willing to see Bridesmaids with me on Saturday:

1) To make me happy.

2) “The ‘tighten up’ girl from Knocked Up is in that movie, right? – she is hilarious!!!” {Kristen Wig}

3) It is $6 a person for a matinee in the old-school tiny theater near us.

Yes, people, $6 for a movie, can you believe it?  I then immediately paid $4.50 for a ‘medium’ (aka the size of my head) lemonade but still, $6 x 2 + $4.50 + $4.00 spent on candy at CVS before we got there = $20.50 for two people to go to the movies – yay cheap date!* (*I am such a cheap date these days with no glasses of wine at dinner, it’s amazing how much money one can save by getting pregnant … I joke, I joke.)

Okay but what do you get for $20.50? An awesomely bizarre experience. First we get in there and I immediately know I am going to be uncomfortable the whole time. The seats are rock solid, do not recline at all and are NOT going to be comfortable for a two hour movie. I lasted about 4 minutes before I complained. It was pretty awful. We were only the second couple in the theater and the next set to come in was well … interesting … it was a *much* older couple. I am talking they had to be at least 80 going for a nice Saturday afternoon movie. Umm hello, did you SEE the previews? I didn’t get much from them other then that this was going to be a raunchy movie! Why in the world would you allow your grandparents to see it? But then … another older couple came in, and by older I mean older then the first! Yes really probably 85-90 is my guess. They could barely walk down the aisle. Next was the typical annoying group of teenage girls, still a little ianppropriate but kids are exposed to worse on the news every day. Then, well then, my day was made. Who sat behind me but the mom and daughter set. Mom was probably 45ish and using a cane, I wasn’t sure why until she sat down and unleashed about 15 different curse words to describe the pain in her knee. Her daughter – late teens/early 20s – then told her to STFU she was too loud – which she stated, rather loudly herself as she then handed her a bunch of “the codeine pills the doctor gave me” … Umm hello that’s totally illegal to give others your prescription drugs! Anyway it was quite the group of people in that movie theater. Do you not watch the previews before you go to a movie? If your knee hurts that much don’t you think you should maybe stay home and rest it up? Teenage girls – why did you pee more times then I did? I am pregnant. The movie was only 2 hours.

Speaking of the movie. It was funny. Very funny. I hate to admit that it was not as funny as The Hangover (and I can’t wait for the Hangover 2) but it was a pretty decent portrayal of what it’s like to be a bridesmaid these days. It always seems like someone is trying to one-up someone else. That either the bridesmaids care too much, or too little. Everyone has their own agenda on what *they* think the best plans would be — did anyone stop to ask the bride?  I promise I won’t get all preachy – each of the individual bridesmaids was great on their own merit. I’ve loved Melissa McCarthy since her Gilmore Girls days – what a different role! Ellie Kemper (from the Office) was so funny and had a few great one liners in there. I wish Maya Rudolph had been a little funnier – her role was a bit too serious, or maybe her serious comedy didn’t get through to me. I recommend it, Greg said he liked it. Go see it!

Still of Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Kristen Wiig and Ellie Kemper in Bridesmaids

(source – imdb)

Three other notes:

I totally have a new crush … hellooo Office Rhodes, you can pull me over anytime.

Wilson Phillips = amazing.

Bear sandwich anyone?


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3 responses to “six dollar movie!

  1. My guess? The teenage girls were sneaking drinks in the bathroom? Maybe? I wonder what the older couples thought of the movie, haha! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  2. I was wondering about that movie. I thought it would either be really funny or really bad. Glad to hear it was closer to really funny! I’m definitely going to check it out when it comes out on dvd.

  3. I definitely want to see Bridesmaids!
    I also love that you’re excited for Hangover 2, I have mentioned it several times and my husband thinks I’m nuts. “What are you, a frat boy?” seems to be the question in our home.

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