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Ikea – Fail or Success?

Sunday morning we woke up bright eyed and ready to journey to the meca – IKEA. We had a solid list of things to purchase and planned to be there by 10:15 to beat the crowd.

First we needed to return a birthday gift Greg had bought me:

Because it didn’t fit enough shoes AND it didn’t fit in the bedroom AND because I really wanted this one – it holds waay more shoes ladies, way more:

Well – no such luck. They don’t have it in our store. They also don’t sell it online. They said we could try calling the 800 number but they might not be able to help us because it is a ‘new’ product — I don’t think it’s very new because I have been dreaming about it for months. You can search “Hemnes shoe cabinet” to find both those guys.

But so anyway we moved along to try to find these awesome little meshy type baskets that I wanted for buoy’s room – FYI they are called Lidan:

Again, nope, couldn’t find them anywhere and when we asked the sales person she looked at me like I had 10 heads. I didn’t have the catalog with me so I just gave up.

Next to the curtains … ooh Ikea curtains. People speak so highly of them and I was so excited to see a ton of options. At this point the crowds had started to gather and this area was pretty hard to maneuver my seven month pregnant body. I totally got run over by an 8 year old who didn’t even blink, kids these days. Long story short on this portion of the day? Everything seemed really cheap feeling. (Well, I mean they are cheap but I was expecting a little more.) So we nixed those.

Thankfully the Ribba frames came through so a bunch of those were purchased for the walls of buoys room.

As a last ditch effort I said to Greg — we do need a few rugs, let’s at least go check them out … and we actually both went right to a rug that we BOTH liked. This was a miracle folks. Miracle number 2? It was the right size AND $139. Yup.


So that was quickly added to the cart and I said “I give up, this was a major fail!” So we went to the check out and it was about 11:30. Greg, noting my disappointment with the day (as it was pretty obvious), said “Do you want to get lunch here?” and all I could smell were the cinnamon buns … so I said “BUY ME A CINNAMON BUN!” (please was followed very quietly about 20 seconds later) … and he did. And I was happy … I’d say over all it was an Ikea Success, no?



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Questions, comments, and general things to avoid saying to a pregnant person:

“Oh you’re due at the END of August?  It’s gonna be a HOT summer for you!”

– Really? Oh wow, it’s hot during June, July and August in New England? I haven’t lived here my entire life so I wasn’t sure what the temperatures were going to be like. I was hoping for mid 60s, but you’re saying it’s going to be in the 90s?? NO WAY. Shoot better head to Alaska for the last few months of this pregnancy.

“Oh, you’re not due until the END of August? I thought you were further along.”

– Yup. 10 more weeks to go. Thanks for telling me I look huge, the scale I stepped on this morning didn’t remind me that on it’s own. I am aware I have a bowling ball on my stomach already and that it’s only going to get bigger (and hotter, see above.)

“What are you doing about work after the baby?” – From a co-worker

– noneyadamnbusiness! Also, dude, I’m not going to tell YOU my coworker what my plan is. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you are?

“Was this baby a surprise?”

– (Note – this wasn’t said to me but to someone else but I am still raging about it.) UMM are you kidding. Seriously? Serrrrrrrriously? Did you just ask that question?  I have no words except – you are dumb and you should sit in the corner and think about how dumb you are for asking this question.

“Both of my babies were 2 weeks late.”

– Awesome!  I have been counting down the days, weeks, months since the second I found out I was pregnant and now you’re telling me again (and again) that I should be adding two weeks to that timeline? THANKS, but no.

“I only gained 17 pounds while pregnant, how much have you gained so far?”

– Are we back to the scale again? My doctor says I’m fine. 17 pounds is not in the normal range. That is ridiculous. 25-30 is normal. No, I will NOT tell you how much weight I have gained. Thanks for sharing yours. BTW you look like you gained more than 17 pounds. Justsayin.

“The baby will be four weeks old, he’ll be fine without you.”

– Thanks but I am a first time mother so for all I know a four-week old needs me to breathe for him. I understand there is an event that day and I will do my best to be there, but my baby is my priority for at least the first three months.

“Is the nursery ready?”

– First of all, it’s the baby’s room. It will be his room after he is an infant. (Sorry random personal pet peeve on that one.) But no, it’s not ready, as mentioned previously we still have 10 weeks to go. Also we are quite busy (again another personal thing but people who know us should know our travel schedule and extreme lack of spending time at our house.) ALSO, we are very lucky to have a large group of family and friends who will be attending not one, but two showers in our honor, so we will see what lovely gifts they gift us and see what we need to purchase from there. With.that.said. We bought our own furniture and YES it is all set up and ready to go.

“Do you have names picked out?”

– This one is okay alone. BUT when I respond with the polite: “we’ve got it narrowed down but we are keeping it a surprise!” please, PLEASE do not say to me “but I can keep a secret” – “I won’t tell anyone” – “Is it Greg Junior??” – “Are you using a family name?” – “Is it Phil?” – “You should name him after me.” – “Oh come on just tell me!!!”

Okay sorry for my rage black out there for a little bit, I just feel like people need to take a quick step backwards before jumping into asking a pregnant lady questions. We are hormonal. (clearly) We are tired. We are also HOT. (See question 1) Please just say nice things and tell me my baby will be happy and healthy.  mmmkthanksbye.

–please feel free to add any awesome questions been asked so I can not feel like a crazy person.–


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Maternity Fashion Show


Maternity clothes are impossible. They are really, really, really difficult to find; to fit to you; to purchase ahead of time. To have the ability to purchase an item in a STORE is like a miracle. I have found the Old Navy is my best friend. The clothes are cheap enough I don’t feel bad buying but also solid enough that they have been lasting. I also am very lucky to have a Motherhood outlet about 20 minutes from my house. They have Motherhood Maternity, Pea in a Pod, and their own “outlet” line there — I like it because they had a fake belly for me to use to try stuff on when I was just about 4 months pregnant. It was helpful because here I am 2 and 1/2 months later and hellooo belly.   Anyway, I finally figured out how to use the wordpress app on my iPhone so here are some various photos of me along the way. You’ll note one strong theme  – carigans!! EVERY top that I liked was a tank top, and this spring has been really really cool. That, along with the fact that I can’t really wear tanks to work, cardigans have become my best friend! So here you go … a quick maternity fashion show.

(Sorry I have NO idea how far along I am in most of these and don’t feel like figuring it out!)









There you have it.  I know that last one was from last Wednesday — at my 28 week appointment so 12 more weeks to go – ahh!! I hope to update with more photos with more outfits now that I know how to use the app.




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Photographer, I am not

It is true that I am not a photographer … but I do love taking photos … and my parents love me and gifted me with a Nikon SLR a few years back. Unfortunately, I still have NO clue how to use it. When people see the camera they typically ooo and aaaa and I have to reassure them that I am in fact NOT a professional and nor will I ever be.

However, I am good at capturing memories and there are a lot of memories from the last few weeks I wanted to remember. So here you go, a glimpse at my crazy month of May 2011.

My love Kim at her Medical School Graduation!

(she got TWO awards for Pediatrics, I wish she was closer so she could be buoy’s doctor!)

We did an open top bus tour of Philly … 1/2 the time it was raining … the other half it looked like this:

The next day we wandered around Rittenhouse Row during a festival.

Here are a few of my favorite ladies from college/post college years!

Sunday we went to the wedding shower of my post grad, pre-move-in-with-a-boy roommate.

I’m so glad I was able to be there because buoy is due the same week as her wedding … so it’s a no go!

These are all the college girls in attendance!

Here’s the beautiful bride showing off a new apron:

The following weekend we went to Maine.

Greg loves Maine, clearly:

We went MOOSE hunting! We found THREE!

(again, shooting with a camera, not a gun!!)

On the last night we had smores … both buoy and I were happy.

(darnit – I swear I have more then one shirt!)

Here is my attempt at a *manual* photo to commemorate Memorial Day weekend.

Maybe there is a photographer in me …

Hope that satisfied the photo cravings!

Next week more on me and buoy and how we’ve been hanging!


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keeping busy, passing the weeks

What’s that? I had my 28 week ultrasound today? Oh my — where have these weeks gone. I am by no means complaining but time is sure flying by! Where in the world has Colleen been?

May 18 – 22 Philadelphia

  • Watching  Greg’s company be super successful at their big conference as well as enjoying a little party/dinner with his company
  • Meeting Sabrina of Rhodey Girl fame for a great lunch and ice cream snack.
  • Watching one of my best girlfriends graduate from Medical school!
  • Attending the wedding shower of my post grad roommate – I was so happy to be able to attend because I can’t go to her wedding – since it’s 3 days after my due date!

May 24 & 25 – Work conference

  • Downtown Boston with no computer and no tweeting! Lots of focusing on learning things that will make me better at what I do … it was pretty good class. Nothing earth shattering but it made my manager happy soooo … I’ll take it!

May 27 – 30 – Maine, waaay up there Maine

  • Lots of driving, reading, napping, boating, MOOSE hunting (not as in like hunting and shooting with a gun, as in like hunting and shooting with a CAMERA!) and quality time with some of Greg’s extended family.

So that’s where I have been … where am I going?

June 2 – Prenatal yoga

  • Not sure this needs a whole bullet but I am excited to try something new and hope buoy likes it too!

June 4-5 – BEACH

  • Psyched to be celebrating my birthday weekend!!  I’m heading to my parents beach house with Greg for Friday night … a few friends will join for Saturday on the beach and BBQ and then Sunday the family will join for a birthday brunch. I love the beach and my birthday and the weather might actually agree with us!!

June 9-12 – Philadelphia

  • What’s that you say? Wasn’t I just there? YUP. This time we celebrate Greg’s best friend’s wedding!!
  • I also hope to see two of my college roommates who live there who I wasn’t able to see at my last trip. One of them has a 5 month old that I haven’t met yet! I cannot wait!!!

Okay so that’s where I’ve been, and where I am going … what about you all? what’s been going on? Would love you to link your best blog post over the last two weeks as I had to ceremoniously “mark all as read” so I didn’t make myself crazy looking at the number.

I hope to upload my photos tonight and hopefully do a recap of this post with photographic evidence tomorrow! Also I’ll update on Buoy – but everything has been going really well with him so not a whole lot to report on that front. Happy wednesday.


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