keeping busy, passing the weeks

What’s that? I had my 28 week ultrasound today? Oh my — where have these weeks gone. I am by no means complaining but time is sure flying by! Where in the world has Colleen been?

May 18 – 22 Philadelphia

  • Watching  Greg’s company be super successful at their big conference as well as enjoying a little party/dinner with his company
  • Meeting Sabrina of Rhodey Girl fame for a great lunch and ice cream snack.
  • Watching one of my best girlfriends graduate from Medical school!
  • Attending the wedding shower of my post grad roommate – I was so happy to be able to attend because I can’t go to her wedding – since it’s 3 days after my due date!

May 24 & 25 – Work conference

  • Downtown Boston with no computer and no tweeting! Lots of focusing on learning things that will make me better at what I do … it was pretty good class. Nothing earth shattering but it made my manager happy soooo … I’ll take it!

May 27 – 30 – Maine, waaay up there Maine

  • Lots of driving, reading, napping, boating, MOOSE hunting (not as in like hunting and shooting with a gun, as in like hunting and shooting with a CAMERA!) and quality time with some of Greg’s extended family.

So that’s where I have been … where am I going?

June 2 – Prenatal yoga

  • Not sure this needs a whole bullet but I am excited to try something new and hope buoy likes it too!

June 4-5 – BEACH

  • Psyched to be celebrating my birthday weekend!!  I’m heading to my parents beach house with Greg for Friday night … a few friends will join for Saturday on the beach and BBQ and then Sunday the family will join for a birthday brunch. I love the beach and my birthday and the weather might actually agree with us!!

June 9-12 – Philadelphia

  • What’s that you say? Wasn’t I just there? YUP. This time we celebrate Greg’s best friend’s wedding!!
  • I also hope to see two of my college roommates who live there who I wasn’t able to see at my last trip. One of them has a 5 month old that I haven’t met yet! I cannot wait!!!

Okay so that’s where I’ve been, and where I am going … what about you all? what’s been going on? Would love you to link your best blog post over the last two weeks as I had to ceremoniously “mark all as read” so I didn’t make myself crazy looking at the number.

I hope to upload my photos tonight and hopefully do a recap of this post with photographic evidence tomorrow! Also I’ll update on Buoy – but everything has been going really well with him so not a whole lot to report on that front. Happy wednesday.


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3 responses to “keeping busy, passing the weeks

  1. I can’t believe your’e 28 weeks already!!! Craziness. 🙂 Happy early birthday, too! As for me, I’ve been holed up in our house with a sinus infection and an ear infection – double whammy. I haven’t posted much lately because of it, so I’m not sure I have any interesting posts to link to – but I’m glad you’re back and blogging! I missed your updates!

  2. Oh, I hope you love prenatal yoga! Also, I’m holding you to pictures, lady. 🙂

  3. Woah, you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to see pics!

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