Photographer, I am not

It is true that I am not a photographer … but I do love taking photos … and my parents love me and gifted me with a Nikon SLR a few years back. Unfortunately, I still have NO clue how to use it. When people see the camera they typically ooo and aaaa and I have to reassure them that I am in fact NOT a professional and nor will I ever be.

However, I am good at capturing memories and there are a lot of memories from the last few weeks I wanted to remember. So here you go, a glimpse at my crazy month of May 2011.

My love Kim at her Medical School Graduation!

(she got TWO awards for Pediatrics, I wish she was closer so she could be buoy’s doctor!)

We did an open top bus tour of Philly … 1/2 the time it was raining … the other half it looked like this:

The next day we wandered around Rittenhouse Row during a festival.

Here are a few of my favorite ladies from college/post college years!

Sunday we went to the wedding shower of my post grad, pre-move-in-with-a-boy roommate.

I’m so glad I was able to be there because buoy is due the same week as her wedding … so it’s a no go!

These are all the college girls in attendance!

Here’s the beautiful bride showing off a new apron:

The following weekend we went to Maine.

Greg loves Maine, clearly:

We went MOOSE hunting! We found THREE!

(again, shooting with a camera, not a gun!!)

On the last night we had smores … both buoy and I were happy.

(darnit – I swear I have more then one shirt!)

Here is my attempt at a *manual* photo to commemorate Memorial Day weekend.

Maybe there is a photographer in me …

Hope that satisfied the photo cravings!

Next week more on me and buoy and how we’ve been hanging!



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4 responses to “Photographer, I am not

  1. You look so freaking adorable with your little baby bump! 🙂 Looks like may was a busy – but fun! – month for you. I love that last picture, too!

  2. You look gorgeous with that belly, lady!! Fun pics, glad you had a great time. And MOOSE!!! I want to hut moose, too. I’ve never seen one in person!

  3. You look so cute with your tiny baby bump! I love it!

  4. I think your pics all came out great! You are looking fabulous FYI. 😉

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