Ikea – Fail or Success?

Sunday morning we woke up bright eyed and ready to journey to the meca – IKEA. We had a solid list of things to purchase and planned to be there by 10:15 to beat the crowd.

First we needed to return a birthday gift Greg had bought me:

Because it didn’t fit enough shoes AND it didn’t fit in the bedroom AND because I really wanted this one – it holds waay more shoes ladies, way more:

Well – no such luck. They don’t have it in our store. They also don’t sell it online. They said we could try calling the 800 number but they might not be able to help us because it is a ‘new’ product — I don’t think it’s very new because I have been dreaming about it for months. You can search “Hemnes shoe cabinet” to find both those guys.

But so anyway we moved along to try to find these awesome little meshy type baskets that I wanted for buoy’s room – FYI they are called Lidan:

Again, nope, couldn’t find them anywhere and when we asked the sales person she looked at me like I had 10 heads. I didn’t have the catalog with me so I just gave up.

Next to the curtains … ooh Ikea curtains. People speak so highly of them and I was so excited to see a ton of options. At this point the crowds had started to gather and this area was pretty hard to maneuver my seven month pregnant body. I totally got run over by an 8 year old who didn’t even blink, kids these days. Long story short on this portion of the day? Everything seemed really cheap feeling. (Well, I mean they are cheap but I was expecting a little more.) So we nixed those.

Thankfully the Ribba frames came through so a bunch of those were purchased for the walls of buoys room.

As a last ditch effort I said to Greg — we do need a few rugs, let’s at least go check them out … and we actually both went right to a rug that we BOTH liked. This was a miracle folks. Miracle number 2? It was the right size AND $139. Yup.


So that was quickly added to the cart and I said “I give up, this was a major fail!” So we went to the check out and it was about 11:30. Greg, noting my disappointment with the day (as it was pretty obvious), said “Do you want to get lunch here?” and all I could smell were the cinnamon buns … so I said “BUY ME A CINNAMON BUN!” (please was followed very quietly about 20 seconds later) … and he did. And I was happy … I’d say over all it was an Ikea Success, no?


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4 responses to “Ikea – Fail or Success?

  1. I’d say I’d put this solidly in the “win” category – that rug is fantastic! And, really, you can never go wrong with a good cinnamon bun. πŸ˜‰

  2. Definitely a “Win”! I’ve only had their cinnamon buns once, but it was soooo good πŸ™‚

  3. Cinnamon buns can make up for anything! IKEA is seriously stressful. When we go, we have to travel 2 hours to get there so I always call ahead to make sure they have the items I want to purchase in stock, or I check online for store quantities (a new thing I discovered).

  4. MK

    That rug is gorge, I love it! Definitely a win, even if it didn’t feel like one πŸ™‚

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