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buoy’s bedroom

Here it is in all it’s iPhone 3 glory!!  We are about 90% done with the room with a few final touches to be added that you will see as I go.

Our second bedroom upstairs is a really big room so we are lucky to be able to keep a guest bed in the room. (I’m sure there will be some nights that at lesat one of us sleeps in here!)  The valence came with our bedding set; the quilt at the end of the bed was made by a family friend; and I hope to continue to add to a big pile of pillows for him to play with in the future:


Here is the other side of the room — hello CRIB!  Along with the crib you see a set of shelves that we had from years ago that fit and match perfectly. There is also a little basket full of toys in the corner. I ordered another valence to match the other for this window … it’s on it’s way:


Here’s the dresser and changing table, along with an Ikea mirror (that still needs to be painted!)  … the furniture is from Walmart!! It’s amazing.  You can kinda see the little thing that holds the diapers that I thought I would hate but I actually like hanging on the side of the changing table. The top drawer is full of changing “needs” and the other drawers have tons and tons of clothes! This little guy is ready to be a fashion plate.


This bookshelf is another basement find from my first apartment after college. It’s perfect for this spot. Not theright color to match the rest of the furniture but it is on the other side of the room so it’s not too bad. Here you can see our most adorable turtle lamp ever(!), the sound machine, scent warmer, Make Way for Ducklings book and beautiful frame from one of my best friends; lots of soft lovies and future favorite books!


Closer look at the crib area. That’s the moses basket he will be sleeping in for a while; a hand made blanket (from a coworker); the shelf with the video monitor; the bedding set (we have a breathable bumper for when he is out of the moses basket, this one if just for show I guess. We are trying to figure out what (if anything) to put over the crib. I’ve had some people scare me about things falling off (the crib is pulled away from the shelf wall so if things fell they would go fall to the floor) the wall so maybe we will do the wooden-letters-spelling-the-name thing, you know, when we tell people the name!


More shelves and baby toy basket … along with the closet. With doors. I had grand plans to do the curtains a la Young House Love, but in the end we didn’t find any that really worked with the room and the white doors look so much better!


And now the part that needs some work … the space between the mirror and the shelf will be a wall of frames. The frames are purchased, but the art to go in them – not so much. I’m working on it. Greg is desperate to get them up but I don’t want to put up *more* empty frames. (If you’re good you’ve counted 3 so far in the photos above!) Must get to ordering. Etsy here I come.


The last but certainly not least. This corner currently holds the Ikea frames that will go up on the wall, and an under the bed storage container … but very soon, thanks to my in-laws, this will hold a rocker/recliner/glider in one! Oh my goodness I can’t wait. I actually think it is sitting at Walmart (for real guys, I never shop at Walmart, but their baby stuff is like crack and so inexpensive!!) waiting to be picked up by Greg’s big truck.


oh! and one more thing! A rug!! The rug is ordered and on it’s way as well.

Okay so there is buoy’s bedroom. With 15 days until the due date and some pretty solid pre-labor feelings I am ready for him to come play any time now!



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