30 things a day for 30 days

I need a jump start. I need a fresh start. I need to lose this weight. I need to feel better about myself. I need to be more productive. I clearly need and want a lot of things. Starting Saturday I will be doing 30 things a day every day for 30 days. (I have a mini surgery on Thursday so I am giving myself Friday to recover before starting.) 30 days to create a habit. Blog post for accountability.

  • 72 oz water
  • exercise (20+ min) (walking counts!)
  • eat a fruit
  • eat a veggie
  • skinny girl cleanse
  • log into my fitness pal
  • take a vitamin
  • NO diet coke
  • NO alcohol
  • 10 minute meditation(quiet time, quite music, snuggle with a sleeping Lyle)
  • 10 minute read (pleasure reading time!)
  • 1 hour no phone/comp (1 hour straight during the day with no connection to a device!)
  • 1 hour or less TV (1 movie / day on the weekend)
  • “I love you” Greg (was going to be kiss but I realized he is traveling, so an I love you will have to do on days I can’t kiss him!)
  • kiss Lyle
  • make Lyle laugh
  • sing a song
  • dance to a song
  • my365 photo (take on iphone and post to app)
  • get dressed (some days when I’m home all day this is tough!)
  • brush teeth
  • weigh myself
  • brush hair
  • lotion face
  • lotion hands
  • bio oil belly (silly stretch marks)
  • make the bed
  • email/text a friend
  • wash countertops
  • no clothes on the floor (in the bedroom, my bad habit!)

Okay so from January 21 through February 19, I can do it, right?


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6 responses to “30 things a day for 30 days

  1. You can do it! Originally I thought you were doing 1 thing a day for 30 days, and then I re-read it and realized you were doing 30 things a day for 30 days and I was like “WHOA!” but you can definitely do it. Good luck! šŸ™‚

  2. Yes you can do it! Some of those things you’re probably already doing without even thinking about it. I need to make a list like this.

  3. Ali

    This list is a great idea! You can totally do this šŸ™‚

  4. MK

    Great list..although I’m not sure about weighing yourself every day, I guess it can’t hurt, but it’s not the most accurate! No diet coke…you’re a brave girl šŸ™‚ Good luck!

  5. Love this list. I totally hear you on the brushing hair and getting dressed. The days when I shower, I still sometimes don’t even brush my hair. I am really working on this, get out of running pants problem I am having!

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