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Relationship Advice

As someone who didn’t date much post college I try to avoid giving my single friends relationship advice. I met Greg during college (we dated briefly) and then “grabbed dinner” after I graduated and have been together ever since.¬† So clearly, I’m not good at the “should I text him?” “should I sleep with him?” “why did he say I love you if he didn’t want to move in with me?” type of questions. Because of this, I don’t like to say “well you should do xxx” or “he shouldn’t be doing yyy” … but I do have three pieces of relationship advice that are really general, but in my experience pretty darn accurate.

1) You cannot be happy with someone else until you are happy with yourself.

2) Boys are stupid, girls are crazy. (This is the start and end of every single argument in ANY relationship. Seriously, stop and think about it. I bet you would agree that any argument you’ve had with a significant other was either because he was being stupid in some way, or you were acting all sorts of crazy.)

3) Don’t have a long engagement. (Greg and I had a 20 month engagement. It was torture. You need 1 year, or less. It all gets done, I promise.)

So those are my go-to statements … any other gems I should keep in my back pocket?



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I took so many photos while in Montana and didn’t want to attack your twitter/instagram feeds so I thought I’d write a quick post. Apologies in advance for writing this from my phone!

Ergo *love* – can’t travel without it!


Lyle in his fishing outfit! (Even though his dad went without him!)


My strong man trying to take the lid off his sippy.


The views are just unreal.


The resort where the wedding was held – an hour outside of Bozeman.


Cute family photo (I need to teach Lyle and Greg where to look on the iPhone apparently!)


View from the drive through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.


Lyle on a bear skin — yup — a real one!


Two grizzly bears playing at “the grizzly encounter” a grizzly bear rescue / zoo type thing. Very cool to see them in an enclosed area!


Just chillin in the big bed with the remote and no shirt — like a man.


My new favorite – what a smile!!


Annnd passed out the next morning on dad on the first flight home.


Okay Mama! I’m DONE with this traveling thing … don’t worry L, I am too!

PS (two teeth!!)


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