Relationship Advice

As someone who didn’t date much post college I try to avoid giving my single friends relationship advice. I met Greg during college (we dated briefly) and then “grabbed dinner” after I graduated and have been together ever since.  So clearly, I’m not good at the “should I text him?” “should I sleep with him?” “why did he say I love you if he didn’t want to move in with me?” type of questions. Because of this, I don’t like to say “well you should do xxx” or “he shouldn’t be doing yyy” … but I do have three pieces of relationship advice that are really general, but in my experience pretty darn accurate.

1) You cannot be happy with someone else until you are happy with yourself.

2) Boys are stupid, girls are crazy. (This is the start and end of every single argument in ANY relationship. Seriously, stop and think about it. I bet you would agree that any argument you’ve had with a significant other was either because he was being stupid in some way, or you were acting all sorts of crazy.)

3) Don’t have a long engagement. (Greg and I had a 20 month engagement. It was torture. You need 1 year, or less. It all gets done, I promise.)

So those are my go-to statements … any other gems I should keep in my back pocket?



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6 responses to “Relationship Advice

  1. Don’t overthink it.
    Then again, that might fall under the “Crazy” category 😉

  2. Sunny

    At my bridal shower one of my dear friends who has been married for 20 years told us to never let anyone else in on our arguments.

    It has been the best piece of advice.

    Her example was her sister, K. While K was dating her now husband, he cheated on her. She told all to her mom. The two broke up for a while but are now happlily married with 3 cute boys! Her mom is still leary of her husband because she was so involved in the argument over the cheating so while K has gotten over it her mom still has that grudge.

  3. Layla

    Advice I wish I had taken in my 20’s, if you feel like you deserve better, you do. Don’t waste your life on someone that is just wasting time with you.

  4. I agree with Sunny my mom always told me that what you may be able to forgive others will always remember so be careful of the negative you share in your relationship.

  5. I love the no-long engagement advice – ours was almost 2 years, and it was waaaaaaaay too long. I changed my mind way too much.

    Also, I think that being in a relationship / married to someone who makes you laugh is important – sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying, and having a partner who can help you do that is valuable.

  6. That’s great advice! We got engaged feb. 14th and were married oct. 11th of the same year and I could have probably got it done by june. It helped that I was with him in Nov. when he bought the ring and we had the place booked before he proposed! Also the place we got married at was very much a one stop shop I didn’t have to hire a dj or caterer they handled everything!

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