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Update on 30 for 30

I’m only a few days in but I thought you might be interested in a 30 for 30 update.

My surgery last Thursday (successful kidney stone removal!) has really put a damper on my working out. I didn’t realize that I would be more physically incapacitated then I was the last time I had a similar procedure. I won’t go into details but regular sitting/walking is fine but jarring/quick movements are out until at least Friday.

Besides working out (that I will pick back up as soon as I can and add the days missed to the end of the 30) I did have one adjustment to my 30 things. “one hour of tv a day” – ha! Who was I kidding. That slapped me in the face on day three. I really thought it wouldn’t be that hard but the weekend was hard. I decided to change it after I realized why I wanted to watch less TV and that was to spend more time with Lyle without the distraction of tv. So I changed it to 30 straight minutes of playing/reading/laughing/dancing/etc uninterrupted with Lyle. And though that doesn’t seem hard – you realize quickly that it is easy to become distracted and lose focus on what is most important.

Other then that – I am rocking out! I’ve already lost weight and I’m so happy. I’m also taking and tweeting a photo of each of the 30 items. Here’s the round up so far:







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