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As requested by the lovely Sabrina I thought I’d update you all on all the cruising going on in our house these days!

Lyle has been cruising around the house for a few weeks now. His favorite things are doors. He seriously thinks these cabinets were made his size on purpose.


His second favorite spot to stand is the front window. He pounds on the window to say hi and bye to people coming and going. He also loves cars, trucks, and bikes. It’s too bad for him we live on such a quiet street!


Hand-me-down toys are the best!! The piano is full of endless fun for Lyle. Check out his plaid shorts/manpris – stylin!


This is an oldie but goodie – he loves to stand in his crib waiting for us to come get him. Sometimes he is still half asleep (like in this photo) but as soon as he wakes up he immediately stands!


Additionally we have been cruising all around the world. Literally!! Since the start of April through the end of May our calendars have been booked solid!

On April 28 I threw a surprise party for Greg’s 30th birthday. We cruised Boston Harbor with 42 of our friends and family. The surprise was a success and Greg had a great time eating all of his favorite foods and drinking plenty of bourbon.


Oh and a quick trip to Baltimore for a Hokie wedding? Why not!! Such a blast to see all of our southern friends. We wish they all lived closer!


Then there was that time my sister and I spent a week in Hawaii. I was super super sick for the first two days but managed to have an amazing time in paradise and see one of my oldest friends get married to the love of her life. The views weren’t bad either!


And finally last weekend we were in Vegas (baby!). Greg had to be there for a work conference all week and I joined him on Thursday to celebrate his actual birthday. We had some time to enjoy the sites and scenes. And man were there a lot of scenes.


This Thursday we head to Myrtle Beach with my family and then to Maine the follow weekend for memorial day with Greg’s family. It’s bananas but worth it for all the memories we are making. Wish me luck with Lyle’s first flight!!



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