{{product of your environment}}

I’ve been at a new job for just about two months now (minus 3 weeks for the wedding and honeymoon) but just about every day someone comes into our office area and says something along the lines of, “Can we go home now?” or “I’m not feeling it today.” Typically this happens first thing in the morning, before anything has even really happened … before they’ve even opened their email!

My father has been working at his company for 30 years!  My mother when she was working lasted over 20 years in one job. Their jobs are just that, jobs. They go about their daily lives – raising three beautiful (if I do say so myself) children who are totally well adjusted and always had their parents involved. They were paid accordingly for what they did and I rarely heard them talk about their jobs negatively — usually it was fun and interesting stories. But what it always was – was a job.

Greg and I had a conversation this morning, as we struggled to wake up, about jobs and working and waking up and finding a wealthy benefactor (still taking applications despite what the rest of this post says) … but it all was just one of those conversations that we could have over and over again … and I am done with it.

I’m trying something new, it’s something that I have tried a few times before, but it’s New Attitude Colleen day – keeping a smile on my face, not letting others bother me by their actions, focusing on me and the people who care about me, and most importantly trying not to become a product of my environment.

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