the baby questions

We’ve gotten all the questions:

When are you due?

  • End of August (yes, it will be a long, hot summer, thanks for reminding me!)

How far along are you? (people can’t do math!)

  • 5 months (On Sunday!), 4 to go.

How are you feeling?

  • Great and very very lucky for that!

Are you going to find out the gender?

  • Yes, we did a few weeks ago, it’s a BOY!

Have you started on the nursery?

  • Umm nope, lots of ideas but nothing started just yet, slackers.

Do you have names picked out?!

  • Not yet, we have a few, but even when we decide – we aren’t telling people.

And the questions stop.

Yeah, we aren’t sharing our baby names. We ‘ruined’ the surprise of the gender, so we want to keep something a mystery. We also want to keep the name out of the top 100 baby names, preferably out of the top 200 … we aren’t looking for anything too crazy like Sunshine or Apple or the like — but something unique. Our last name is pretty basic so our baby needs a little pizazz! We’ve been spending a LOT of time on the Social Security website — — it’s AWESOME! Enjoy wasting your afternoon there.

Edited to add: Do you have any real pregnancy questions for me? I am in no way shape or form an expert and have done little in terms of research etc, but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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9 responses to “the baby questions

  1. Sunny

    I think not telling anyone the name until the baby is born is a great idea!

    I just had to comment on the Sunshine. I have a boring first name (#3 for my year of birth) and a boring last name (#8 according to name and my middle name is Sunshine so I love it. Growing up it was the only thing that was unique about my name. It was the only thing to keep me separated from the 2 or 3 other girls in my class with my same first name, but yes I just thought I’d share my story. =)

    • Oh my goodness I hope I didn’t offend you!! I don’t think I did based on the 🙂 at the end … I think a unique name is so important. I honestly have about 10 Kate/Katie/Kathleen/Kaitlin friends and 10 Michael/Mike/Mikey friends. hellooo early 80s!!

  2. Love that you’re blogging baby stuff yah!

  3. I agree that not telling the name is a great idea! We’ve toyed with the idea of (when it’s our turn) finding out the gender but not telling anyone — mostly because I really like yellow baby stuff and I’d prefer that to an entire nursery full of pink/blue! Also, that social security website is totally addicting.

  4. Oh my gosh I could waste so much time on that site! And it really would be a waste – because I’m not pregnant. ha. I’ve always loved the name Sadie for a girl, but my husband isn’t convinced. I was surprised to see it was 111th in popularity!

  5. Amy

    I also will not be sharing our baby names when we have kids. I don’t want their names up for any judgment, plus we are going to find out the genders so like you I want something to be a surprise!

  6. MK

    You guys are smart for keeping it a secret because let me tell you, everyone has an opinion! 🙂

  7. Terri

    We didn’t divulge any names before the delivery room though it wasn’t by choice. It was more because we couldn’t agree. My mother still has a grudge that we didn’t name either of our girls after my beloved grandmother. But my husband thought that Sophie would not be good with our last name and really, you do need to consider the whole name.

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